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Circe is a Client for IRC in Emacs.

It integrates well with the rest of the editor, using standard Emacs key bindings and indicating activity in channels in the status bar so it stays out of your way unless you want to use it.

The picture shows "Circe Offering the Cup to Odysseus", by John William Waterhouse (1849–1917); currently in the Oldham Art Gallery, Oldham, U.K.




  • Hacking, if you want to contribute to Circe


The Circe repository is also home to a number of libraries that are distributed separately and can be used in other programs.

  • Lui, the Linewise User Interface
  • Tracking, a buffer tracking library
  • lcs, find largest common sequence and create diffs


In a shell:

mkdir -d ~/.emacs.d/lisp/
cd ~/.emacs.d/lisp
git clone git://

Then add the following to your .emacs file:

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/.emacs.d/lisp/circe")
(require 'circe)

The next time you start your Emacs, you should be able to use M-x circe to connect to IRC.


It looks like Emacs. Except it has IRC.

Full size version

Other IRC Clients for Emacs

Related Programs

  • efire, a Campfire client that uses lui and tracking.el.
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