A PyTorch library for two-sample tests
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A PyTorch library for differentiable two-sample tests


This package implements a total of six two sample tests:

  • The classical Friedman-Rafsky test [FR79].
  • The classical k-nearest neighbours (kNN) test [FR83].
  • The differentiable Friedman-Rafsky test [DK17].
  • The differentiable k-nearest neighbours (kNN) test [DK17].
  • The maximum mean discrepancy (MMD) test [GBR+12].
  • The energy test [SzekelyR13].

Please refer to the documentation for more information about the project. You can also have a look at the following notebook that showcases how to use the code to train a generative model on MNIST.


After installing PyTorch, you can install the package with:

python setup.py install


To run the tests you simply have to run:

python setup.py test

Note that you will need to have Shogun installed for one of the test cases.


  • [DK17] J. Djolonga and A. Krause. Learning Implicit Generative Models Using Differentiable Graph Tests. ArXiv e-prints, September 2017. arXiv:1709.01006.
  • [FR79] Jerome H Friedman and Lawrence C Rafsky. Multivariate generalizations of the wald-wolfowitz and smirnov two-sample tests. Annals of Statistics, pages 697–717, 1979.
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  • [SzekelyR13] Gábor J Székely and Maria L Rizzo. Energy statistics: a class of statistics based on distances. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 143(8):1249–1272, 2013.
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