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* Copyright (c) 1995 Danny Gasparovski.
* Please read the file COPYRIGHT for the
* terms and conditions of the copyright.
#include <sys/select.h>
#define TOWRITEMAX 512
extern int slirp_socket;
extern int slirp_socket_unit;
extern int slirp_socket_port;
extern uint32_t slirp_socket_addr;
extern char *slirp_socket_passwd;
extern int ctty_closed;
* Get the difference in 2 times from updtim()
* Allow for wraparound times, "just in case"
* x is the greater of the 2 (current time) and y is
* what it's being compared against.
#define TIME_DIFF(x,y) (x)-(y) < 0 ? ~0-(y)+(x) : (x)-(y)
extern char *slirp_tty;
extern char *exec_shell;
extern u_int curtime;
extern fd_set *global_readfds, *global_writefds, *global_xfds;
extern struct in_addr loopback_addr;
extern char *username;
extern char *socket_path;
extern int towrite_max;
extern int ppp_exit;
extern int tcp_keepintvl;
#define PROTO_SLIP 0x1
#ifdef USE_PPP
#define PROTO_PPP 0x2
void if_encap(Slirp *slirp, const uint8_t *ip_data, int ip_data_len);
ssize_t slirp_send(struct socket *so, const void *buf, size_t len, int flags);
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