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API Reference

.. module:: jwt

TODO: Document PyJWS / PyJWT classes


.. currentmodule:: jwt.exceptions

Base exception when decode() fails on a token

Raised when a token cannot be decoded because it failed validation

Raised when a token's signature doesn't match the one provided as part of the token.

Raised when a token's exp claim indicates that it has expired

Raised when a token's aud claim does not match one of the expected audience values

Raised when a token's iss claim does not match the expected issuer

Raised when a token's iat claim is in the future

Raised when a token's nbf claim represents a time in the future

Raised when the specified key is not in the proper format

Raised when the specified algorithm is not recognized by PyJWT

Raised when a claim that is required to be present is not contained in the claimset