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JSON Validated Textarea. Lightweight and without opinion.

If you are using a HTML <textarea> to allow your users to insert JSON, JSONarea was made just for you. JSONarea prides itself on what it does not do more than what it does do.


  • Listens to input events on a textarea and dispatches an update event indiciating whether or not the input is valid JSON.
  • allows you to configure the events it listens to
  • allows you to extend JSONarea with any number of Objects


  • Hit the DOM
  • require any third party dependencies


Name Description Default
events Array of events to listen to ['change','keyup']
sourceObjects Optional Array of objects to extend JSONArea with []


// do the deal
var myJSONArea = JSONArea(document.getElementById('json'),{
  sourceObjects:[] // optional array of objects for JSONArea to inherit from

// then here's how you use JSONArea's update event
  if(e.detail.isJSON) {
    // do something
  } else {
    // do something else