Linux Network Stack Test
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jtluka recipes: add netdev_cpupin alias to separate netperf and NIC pinning
Sometimes it may be useful to pin only netperf/netserver and let irqbalance
do the IRQ mangling for NIC interrupts.

Beware, that this patch changes the original behaviour. Previously, if
nperf_cpupin alias was set the irqbalance would be turned off and device
IRQs would be pinned to CPU0.

Now, if the alias is set, only netperf process would be pinned to the CPU
set in the alias value.
To disable irqbalance and pin device IRQs, you need to specify netdev_cpupin
alias with the value of CPU to be used for pinning the IRQs.

Signed-off-by: Jan Tluka <>
Latest commit 6a00a9c Jul 10, 2018
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dist adding initscript for lnst-slave service Feb 5, 2013
install bash-completion: add missing options to lnst-ctl completion Apr 10, 2017
lnst Controller: Machine: add_slave: Mark GRE, IPIP slaves as secondary May 4, 2018
misc change shebangs to python2 Jul 30, 2015
obsolete Restructuring project tree Nov 9, 2012
recipes recipes: add netdev_cpupin alias to separate netperf and NIC pinning Jul 10, 2018
regression-tests regression-tests: remove assert_logs from test 28 Oct 7, 2016
result_xslt result_xslt: add command description to html output Jan 9, 2016
test_modules IcmpPing, Icmp6Ping: Support ttl May 4, 2018
test_tools test_tools: remove IP_DROP_MEMBERSHIP no device test Sep 6, 2016
.gitignore gitignore: Adding some convenient ignore patterns Jul 9, 2012
COPYING initial Jun 6, 2011 Adding an installation script Nov 21, 2012 README: Adding prerequirement Aug 30, 2016 initial Jun 6, 2011
lnst-ctl lnst-ctl: fix int params in list_pools action Jun 30, 2016
lnst-ctl.conf Config: pools have their own section Dec 14, 2015
lnst-pool-wizard lnst-pool-wizard: fix check for remaining arguments Jan 17, 2016
lnst-slave lnst-slave: change place where PID file is created to /var/run May 20, 2016
lnst-slave.conf Config files: add a warning comment Nov 20, 2012
schema-recipe.rng Support ipip devices Oct 20, 2017
schema-sm.rng SlaveMachineXML: add security information Mar 8, 2016 test_modules: add TrexServer and TrexClient Oct 20, 2017

LNST - Linux Network Stack Test

Linux Network Stack Test is a tool that supports development and execution of automated and portable network tests. For detailed description of the architecture of LNST please refer to project website (link listed on Internet Resources bellow).


LNST can be installed using python's distutils.

./ install


Make sure python-devel, dbus-devel and dbus-glib-devel packages are installed:

dnf install python-devel dbus-devel dbus-glib-devel

In addition the following python libraries should be installed:

Using package manager:

dnf install dbus-python-devel
dnf install python-pyroute2

Or using pip:

pip install pyroute2
pip install dbus-python


Internet Resources


Copyright (C) 2011-2015 Red Hat, Inc.

LNST is distributed under GNU General Public License version 2. See the file "COPYING" in the source distribution for information on terms & conditions for accessing and otherwise using LNST.