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copySync(src, dest, [options])

Copy a file or directory. The directory can have contents. Like cp -r.

  • src <String> Note that if src is a directory it will copy everything inside of this directory, not the entire directory itself (see issue #537).
  • dest <String> Note that if src is a file, dest cannot be a directory (see issue #323).
  • options <Object>
    • overwrite <boolean>: overwrite existing file or directory, default is true. Note that the copy operation will silently fail if you set this to false and the destination exists. Use the errorOnExist option to change this behavior.
    • errorOnExist <boolean>: when overwrite is false and the destination exists, throw an error. Default is false.
    • dereference <boolean>: dereference symlinks, default is false.
    • preserveTimestamps <boolean>: When true, will set last modification and access times to the ones of the original source files. When false, timestamp behavior is OS-dependent. Default is false.
    • filter <Function>: Function to filter copied files. Return true to include, false to exclude.


const fs = require('fs-extra')

// copy file
fs.copySync('/tmp/myfile', '/tmp/mynewfile')

// copy directory, even if it has subdirectories or files
fs.copySync('/tmp/mydir', '/tmp/mynewdir')

Using filter function

const fs = require('fs-extra')

const filterFunc = (src, dest) => {
  // your logic here
  // it will be copied if return true

fs.copySync('/tmp/mydir', '/tmp/mynewdir', { filter: filterFunc })