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domain specific / break up into smaller modules #10

tj opened this Issue · 4 comments

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tj commented

might be worth breaking this into a few smaller ones and adding them as deps for string.js.

for example is domain-specific, vs a mixed bag of utils. mixed bags are fine if you plan on using them all etc, but there's no reason we can't split these up so it's more useful as deps to other components

few good candidates:


Hmm, maybe you have a point. I'm trying to think of the best way to manage all of the individual subcomponents, I suppose I could just use Git submodules and have a Makescript pull the latest from each one to build string.min.js. Any thoughts on this?

tj commented

i'd just make them regular component deps and re-export their methods

tj commented

then --standalone build if people want to use it without component

@jprichardson jprichardson removed this from the 2.0.0 milestone

I'm still a huge fan of doing this. Just not willing to make the time because of other priorities ATM. Will address in the future.

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