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Fixes #4412 - Adjusted default top/bottom padding for page with fixed…

… toolbars.
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1 parent 607bc45 commit 12638ea5897eedb820d0a4675d533678189c04b0 @jaspermdegroot jaspermdegroot committed Jun 18, 2012
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  1. +2 −2 css/structure/
4 css/structure/
@@ -18,10 +18,10 @@
opacity: .9;
.ui-page-header-fixed {
- padding-top: 2.5em;
+ padding-top: 2.6875em;
.ui-page-footer-fixed {
- padding-bottom: 3em;
+ padding-bottom: 2.6875em;
.ui-page-header-fullscreen .ui-content,
.ui-page-footer-fullscreen .ui-content {

2 comments on commit 12638ea


I have an application which uses JQM 1.1.1 and JQuery 1.7.1. Index1.html has header and footer with data-position=fixed and data-role="header"( for header) and data-role="footer". When i touch/click on boundries of Header and content, Footer moves up !! Can you pl assist? Issue is faced in Samung Galaxy S III


@anujpatel - please ask that question in the forums and be sure to provide detailed info and a test page.

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