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Fix for issue #3815 - vclick events don't have pageX/pageY defined on…

… them

- Modified createVirtualEvent() so that it uses the mouseHook properties if the original event type starts with "mouse" or "click". The original regex was only looking for "mouse".
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commit 9856ba36805dcc3b2decddf02e2da969c5bc815c 1 parent e88fd48
Kin Blas jblas authored
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2  js/
@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@ function createVirtualEvent( event, eventType ) {
// addresses separation of $.event.props in to $.event.mouseHook.props and Issue 3280
- if ( >-1 ) {
+ if ( /^(mouse|click)/ ) > -1 ) {
props = mouseEventProps;

2 comments on commit 9856ba3

Markus Staab

Should this regex be cached?

Kin Blas


Yeah, it probably should given the fact that it could be triggered quite frequently for touchmove/mousemove events. I think there's another regex in that same function looking for touch events too.

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