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Do you know if this in Opera Mobile? The article says it's supported in Opera 11.10+ but opera mobile is only at 11.00 now. Just wondering if you know that this will be supported soon on mobile. Guessing mini won't support this for a while.


i can only assume that they do not like to fork and maintain different engines, so if Mini and Mobile would support gradients, they probably would do it the same way as Desktop
Until HTML5 would unify syntax one day.

PS: i asked below the article in "Discuss" link
PPS: strictly speaking, Desktop is at 11.01, 11.10 is not released yet. Don't know about Mobile's betas.
PPPS and OT. i made a short glance upon that demo in different browsers. MAy be it would be interesting to you,


all the same in alpha 4.1

for Opera and for rest browsers as well

including inability of MSIE9 to open url with "#" - ""


Opera Mobile 11 released

You can install and try it on the desktop - or - still the same bugs.

Now.isn't it still not the time to fix the rounding at last ?


sorry, tested that Opera Mobile on and really no gradients yet

@gseguin gseguin was assigned Jun 30, 2011

mmm ?
that link does not seem changed.


It is said Opera Mobile 11.1 support gradients now

It is currently avail only for S60 and Android
Waiting for Opera Mobile 11.1 for Windows desktop to check it

@toddparker toddparker was assigned Jul 8, 2011

We added opera and other gradient syntaxes for Beta 1 so I'm closing as fixed.

@toddparker toddparker closed this Aug 18, 2011
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