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loadPage/changePage broken in trunk (latest build) #1767

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the following applies to the latest build: Git Info SHA1: 991db0d Date: Fri May 27 10:55:20 2011 -0700

changePage() is broken after the refactoring [ ] , it applies the Url parameter twice.

simplified repro:
[Note: I wasn't able to create a repro in jsFiddle, as I didn't know how to handle, display, and let fail of the ajax call.]

$(function () {
    $(':submit').click(function (event) {
        $.mobile.loadPage('/Street/Search', { data: { Criteria: 'test'} });

the resulting ajax call looks like:

/Street/Search/Street/Search?Criteria=test [notice that '/Street/Search/' is doubled in the Url]

the causing code path is in function $.mobile.loadPage = function( url, options )

absUrl += absUrl + "?" +;

a short fix for this issue would be:

absUrl += "?" +;

but I don't know what implications this code change would trigger.

I'm fully aware that this happens in trunk, as I'm not sure about the reporting and handling of bugs in unreleased versions. I didn't see (or didn't find) any checkins after May 27 for this. The latest accessible nightly build is:

Thank you,

@jblas jblas was assigned

Hey Daniel,

Thanks for catching that, "my bad" ... I'll fix it shortly.

  • Kin

Fix landed on the HEAD.


@jblas jblas closed this
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