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disabled slider still allows scrubber to be moved in IE8 #3058

jsm174 opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I have a disabled slider. In RC2, as expected, you can not move the scrubber when the slider is disabled.

I just upgraded to RC3. In IE8 the scrubber can be moved when the slider is disabled. In Chrome, the scrubber works as expected, ie it can not be moved.

-- Jason

@MauriceG MauriceG referenced this issue from a commit in MauriceG/jquery-mobile
@MauriceG MauriceG adding a disabled slider for testing purpose (#3058)
change name-attribute of the flipswitch for consistency

I can (now) confirm this issue on IE7 and IE9. Same issue with disabled flip-switches.
But I don't think, that this a jQuery Mobile issue.


Thanks for looking into this. I can confirm disabled did work correctly in IE8 in RC2.

@Wilto Wilto was assigned

I think this issue occurs on all browsers that don't support CSS pointer-events. I noticed it on IE7 and 8, BB5 (simulator), Opera 12.

Commit 75fcd80 took care of disabling buttons on those browsers. Maybe we can extend that function so it also disables the slider/flip-toggle.

Maybe we can look at this and #4602 at once.


Closing as fixed by commit e0a27f8.

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