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List view scrolling highlight issue on Xoom #3071

cfjedimaster opened this Issue · 5 comments

3 participants

Raymond Camden Todd Parker Brian Muenzenmeyer
Raymond Camden

Not the best title, but, I noticed when scrolling through the docs that where my finger touched, the list item showed up as gray. It didn't activate, I could scroll up and down fine, but anytime I touched list item X just to scroll, it looks visually activated. I tried the same page on my Inspire and iPad2 and did not see the same.

Screen shot here:

See all the darker items? That's where my fingers touched while scrolling.

Todd Parker

Is this only an issue on Honeycomb?

Raymond Camden
Todd Parker

I've bene thinking about moving away from applying the hover state, especially for lists because it's distracting while scrolling and sometimes these aren't cleaned up correctly like here. Tracking that over here Issue #2214

Brian Muenzenmeyer

I encountered this same issue today on an iPhone running iOS 5.0.1.

Todd Parker

We've landed a tweak recently to master to resolve this:

Todd Parker toddparker closed this
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