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Pages with data-ajax="false" on form fail to load - reopened #4896

mengjang opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I can't reopen issue #3472. Therefore, a new issue.

The problem still exists in iPhone simulators 4.3, 5.0, and 5.1.

I ran into the problem with a form in my signup page code. When doing $.mobile.changePage to the signup page, the page doesn't load because the form has data-ajax="false" on it.

I'm using jam 1.1.1 and PhoneGap 1.9.


@mengjang can you please confirm this issue still exists on latest code and provide a test page see:


Facing the same issue and could reproduce with 1.2 stable:

It's caused by $.support.dynamicBaseTag = false; which most libraries that integrate with jqm and handle routing themselves set. A bug in JQM causes it to choke on forms that do not specify an action attribute. (line 3670)

Ideally, jqm should not make assumptions about the attributes specified on a form when it tries to do its replacements. In this case, I'm integrating with angular.js which has built in forms handling, but for that to work one may not specify an action attribute on the form.


Reproduced with latest:

issue now at line 4252

@JohannesRudolph JohannesRudolph referenced this issue in opitzconsulting/jquery-mobile-angular-adapter

ng-submit does not prevent jquery mobiles form submit handling #92

@JohannesRudolph JohannesRudolph referenced this issue from a commit in JohannesRudolph/jquery-mobile
@JohannesRudolph JohannesRudolph fixes #4896 83c9117

Updated the test page: (bind to mobileinit to configure defaults).


no updates since last posting to test latest because nav has been rewritten in last 2 versions im closing until we get confirmation this still exists

@arschmitz arschmitz closed this
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