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Can't import because of NaN created by ThemeRoller #101

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i just tried something at this line.. 741. Look at the background (global-icon-disc), it's after the download, i didn't modified anything. The NaN is the problem, it give me a javascript error in my console.

Here's the error :
TypeError: 'null' is not an object (evaluating 'rgba[1]')

Here's the css code :

/* Icons

  .ui-icon-searchfield:after {
    background: #FFFFFF /*{global-icon-color}*/;
    background: rgba(255,15,NaN,0.4) /*{global-icon-disc}*/;

So i just replace it by any number, like 0, and it can load my theme... !

Someone know why theme roller give me NaN in the downloaded file?


Unfortunately, this is endemic in ThemeRoller, and doesn't seem to be getting better. My theme file is littered with NaNs. It's been like this for months with no resolution.

I'm getting garbage like this in gradients:

from( #3303NaN /* {b-bhover-background-start}*/) to (#3303NaN /*b-bhover-background-end}*/)

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