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Location based experiment for mobile phones using phonegap.


Run npm install in this directory to install the dependencies that are listed in the package.json file.

Two symlinks need to be created once you pull the code:

  • phonegap/ios/www should point to phonegap/www
  • phonegap/android/assets/www should point to phonegap/www

The following environment variables need to be set too for the server to know its info:

  • export
  • export SUBMARINEPORT=8176

If you want to run a https server:

  • export SUBMARINEPROTOCOL=https
  • export
  • export SUBMARINEPORT=8176
  • export SUBMARINEKEY=/path/to/private/key
  • export SUBMARINECERT=/path/to/cert
  • export SUBMARINECA=/path/to/intermediate/certificate/ca

The websocket server is run on a different port due to weirdness with node+https+static files.

  • export
  • export SUBMARINESOCKETKEY=/path/to/private/key
  • export SUBMARINESOCKETCERT=/path/to/cert
  • export SUBMARINESOCKETCA=/path/to/intermediate/certificate/ca

This value can be used by the socket server to set the correct name of the front end server that should be used for a given invitation code:

Phonegap patches

phonegap.js has been patched to trigger its domcontentloaded listener if the file is added after domcontentloaded fires.

So this block:

// Listen for DOMContentLoaded and notify our channel subscribers
document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {;
}, false);

was replaced with:

// Listen for DOMContentLoaded and notify our channel subscribers
if (document.readyState === 'complete') {;
} else {
    document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {;
    }, false);

Also, the if (!PhoneGap.hasResource("device")) section was put above the the if (!PhoneGap.hasResource("capture")) section, since the addConstructor for capture references device.