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Personal package repository for Arch Linux
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Latest commit b93988d @jreese AUR updates
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android-sdk-platform-tools AUR updates
android-sdk AUR updates
android-tools AUR updates
autopacman Add package cache cleaning to autopacman
awesome-gnome Forked awesome-gnome package to fix building it
bluejeans AUR updates
broadcom-wl-dkms AUR updates
chromium-pepper-flash AUR updates
communi-desktop-git AUR updates
cower AUR updates
cv AUR updates
dogecoin-qt-git AUR updates
dotlink @ fa9d03c Convert plexconnect and dotlink to submodules from AUR4
dpkg AUR updates
dropbox AUR updates
duo_unix AUR updates
gist AUR updates
gkeyring AUR updates
gti AUR updates
hub-git AUR updates
ircstat-git Fix ircstat pkgbuild and add ircstat-git
ircstat Bump ircstat for dep fix
jreese-android Updated android to make gcc-multilib optdepend
jreese-base Add jreese-base
jreese-core Replace cv with progress
jreese-doc New package doc for building documentation
jreese-drivers Make jreese-drivers depend on broadcom dkms package
jreese-gnome Update jreese-gnome from gnome group, and reorg
jreese-locale Add jreese-locale package
jreese-office Added new office package
keybase AUR updates
lessc AUR updates
libcommuni-git AUR updates
libgcrypt15 AUR updates
libicns Import libicns from AUR AUR updates
libyubikey-git Import/create libyubikey and apps from git
libyubikey AUR updates
litecoin-qt AUR updates
minecraft AUR updates
nautilus-dropbox AUR updates
nib-git @ f1f9e3a Switch nib-git to submodule from AUR4
nodejs8 Import nodejs8 from AUR
open-vm-tools-dkms AUR updates
openssl098 AUR updates
pacaur AUR updates
pkgbuild-introspection-git AUR updates
plex-media-server-plexpass AUR updates
plexconnect-git @ fa6f1a2 Convert plexconnect and dotlink to submodules from AUR4
pngcrush AUR updates
pyinstaller AUR updates
python-pyside AUR updates
rabbitmq AUR updates
repo AUR updates
ruby-hashr AUR updates
shiboken AUR updates
sl AUR updates
spl-git AUR updates
spl-utils-git AUR updates
spotify AUR updates
sslscan AUR updates
start-stop-daemon AUR updates
sublime-text-nightly AUR updates
travis-lint AUR updates
ttf-font-awesome AUR updates
ttf-input Add optional styles to ttf-input
ttf-mac-fonts AUR updates
ttf-monaco AUR updates
ttf-octicons AUR updates
ttf-roboto AUR updates
xboxdrv AUR updates
xf86-input-mtrack-git AUR updates
xpra-winswitch AUR updates
ykpers-git Import/create libyubikey and apps from git
ykpers-gui-git Fix ykpers-gui-git
ykpers AUR updates
zfs-git AUR updates
zfs-utils-git AUR updates
.gitignore Ignore build status outputs
.gitmodules Switch nib-git to submodule from AUR4 Use bash login shell when building packages Enable multilib repo in build roots Add gpg key to Update documentation to use new repo paths
remove Allow removing multiple packages at once
sync Add --progress to sync
update Use aur4 for package updates

Noswap Arch Repo

This repository contains package builds for my projects and for managing my machines. These packages are hosted at and are available for anyone to install and use.

There are three ways to use the packages contained in this project. You can add the noswap repository to your pacman.conf and install them by name; you can download the individual packages and install them manually; or you can clone this repository and use makepkg or the included scripts to build the packages on your own machine.


You can add the repository to your pacman.conf with the following commands:

$ wget
$ sudo sh

If you prefer, you can add the repository by hand by adding the following lines to /etc/pacman.conf:

Server =

Make sure that if you manually add the repository, you also import my GPG key:

$ pacman-key --recv-keys D53EA311DE6184DC
$ pacman-key --lsign-key D53EA311DE6184DC


All package definitions and scripts are copyright (c) 2012 John Reese. All package definitions and scripts are licensed under the MIT license. Packaged applications may be licensed differently; see the package definitions for details.

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