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Personal package repository for Arch Linux

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Noswap Arch Repo

This repository contains package builds for my projects and for managing my machines. These packages are hosted at and are available for anyone to install and use.

There are three ways to use the packages contained in this project. You can add the noswap repository to your pacman.conf and install them by name; you can download the individual packages and install them manually; or you can clone this repository and use makepkg or the included scripts to build the packages on your own machine.


You can add the repository to your pacman.conf with the following commands:

$ wget
$ sudo sh

If you prefer, you can add the repository by hand by adding the following lines to /etc/pacman.conf:

Server =

Make sure that if you manually add the repository, you also import my GPG key:

$ pacman-key --recv-keys D53EA311DE6184DC
$ pacman-key --lsign-key D53EA311DE6184DC


All package definitions and scripts are copyright (c) 2012 John Reese. All package definitions and scripts are licensed under the MIT license. Packaged applications may be licensed differently; see the package definitions for details.

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