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A (web)designer layout tool with a twist

This project is based on "ReLayX" which was initially written for fun of Javascript, which is archived for references.

ReLayX2 is ported to work on the desktop using Electron but also in common browsers and is an improved version of the existing old version.

Installation and usage

Browser Version

Clone or download the repository and open index.html.

Windows and Linux

Open the releases here:
Use and download either the ia32 for 32 bit, x64 exe files for 64 bit on Windows or for example thei386.deb for 32bit Linux Debian Package. On Linux you also can make use of the .AppImage without any installation.

Using a development environment with Electron

If you just downloaded or clonend the repository you have to have npm (NodePackageManager) installed. After that run npm install in the ReLayX2 folder and after that run using npm start. This is mainly for the dev part.

Build yourself

To build the package yourself run npm install from the root folder. Then run npm run dist to build all packages - Windows and Linux only at this moment!

Usage help and shortcuts

[I] Toggles this help on/off

[G] key toggles the grid on an off, [Shift + G] toggles custom designs

[D] toogles row / column highlighting / [Shift + D] toggles browser scroll grid on/off

[Control] cancels ongoing action or when grouping/ungrouping items

[Shift] snaps to grid when drawing selection, moving an item (click and drag) and mirroring and also when resizing

[Shift + I] Toggles image display on and off

[Left click and drag movement] Moves a single item or a single item of a group

[Y / Z] Move mode on/off switch, moves a element or group if grouped, can be used with snapping

[Del] Deletes a single element or a grouped element

[T] Toggles container visibility on or off - use with images!

[C] create a copy of a single item selection

[V] pastes the copy at cursor location, snapping is possible

[Spacebar] Mirror mode

By default uses distance from grid start to cursor for mirroring This can be changed by pressing [W] or [Q] for each axis independently

[X] Toggles mirror mode horizontally or vertically

[Q / W] decrease / increase mirror grid spacing on selected axis - used with [Space] and [X]

[E] zeros/erases the grid spacing values for both mirroring axis

[+ or -] Increase or decrase the border on a single item or a group of items

[Shift + Arrow up, down, left or right] Moves the current selected container up, down, left or right

[1 to 9] - Loads the design from slot 1 to 9, [Shift + 1 ... 9] saves a design to slot 1 to 9

[Shift + Backspace] Clears all saved data (this is browser only!)

[L] Create or rename a labeled item if selected. If nothing is selected, turns label rendering on or off.

Image import

Supported image types are: gif, jpg, png and webp.

Images can be imported by using drag an drop. In order to import a image: Either select a container where the image should become placed and drag and drop the desired image into the window or if no container is selected the image, respected it original widht and height, is placed at the mouse cursor position.