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Angerwhale changes
0.062 25 November 2007
- increase reliability of test suite by not using rand() :)
- don't store PGP key in the session; causes breakage when key is too big
- [internal] rename Content::ContentProvider class to Content::Provider
0.061 19 September 2007
- make tests skip_all if a keyserver isn't available
- use a more reliable keyserver for testing against
- don't use cpansign; too many test failures
- properly escape article URIs in XML feeds
0.06 18 September 2007
- ** fixed the big memory leak ** (article at
- Change archives location from /Year/Month/Date to
/archives/Year/Month/Date (category archive location,
i.e. /categories/Angerwhale/2007/01/01, is unchanged)
- cleanup lots of controller code (use Chained)
- fix cache memory leak
- fix the last unicode problem (tag args not decoded)
- canonicalize tags properly; tags display as lowercase only
- make UserStore more tolerant of transient keyserver errors
- add a post confirmation message linking to the comment's feed
- remove extra final line from POD blocks
- show "logged in as" message after successful login
- attribute comments to logged-in users correctly
- internal: Use "default" *only* for 404 page
0.05 27 May 2007
- Eliminate prototype in favor of mochikit
- fix bug in POD formatter that messed up indentation between
paragraphs in the same block of code (zamolxes++)
- eliminate a warning about wide characters
- unicode tags work again
- PAR deployment improvements (rafl++)
- clean up 404 handling
- ensure all categories are displayed
- various bugfixes and general improvements
0.04 11 Apr 2007
- Expose JSON feeds in the UI
- change JSON feed API (no items element; items are in an array)
- add resource file for easier hacking
- make css / jemplates / javascript included on each page configable
- make links clickable in plaintext formatter
- add config option for date format (date_format)
- cleanup caching code
- add ability to gzip cached response (autodetected)
- add generic backend to support database storage, etc.
- add configurable filters to be run on each comment
- fix 404s when clicking date links (i.e. http://blog/2007/01/01)
- make styles configurable
- add many tests and improve developer documentation
0.03 14 Feb 2007
- add JSON feeds (feeds/*/json instead of feeds/*/yaml, etc.)
- more formatters; SBC, Markdown, and Textile
- CAPTCHA to prevent spam
- refactoring (Articles/Comments/etc. no longer dependent on Model)
- ships with default blog dir, with a welcome post
- move "logged in as" to the client, to increase cache hits
- move sidebar feeds to the client (for freshness, yum)
0.02 09 Feb 2007
- initial release
0.01 Sun Mar 19 21:33:03 2006
- initial revision, generated by Catalyst