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jschementi's RailsConf 2009 Talk Material

  • railsconf09-jschementi.ppt -- Powerpoint slides

  • railsconf09-jschementi-script.doc -- Basically what I said during the talk.

  • 1-basics -- icebreaker demos of what IronRuby can do.

  • 2-rails -- rails hello world demo

  • 3-sinatra -- hello world in sinatra

  • 4-pictures-rails -- a "real" app written in Rails.

  • 5-rack-iis -- a rack application running in IIS.

  • 6-resizer -- ironruby resizing a jpg using .NET (used by 4-pictures-rails to resize thumbnails (see lib/tasks/sample_data.rake))

  • 7-iis-setup -- deploy a .NET application on IIS

  • 8-ardb -- WinForms Databinding with ActiveRecord

  • 9-ironruby-team -- silly pictures of the ironruby-core team

  • init.rb -- add ir.exe to the path

  • irails-usage.txt -- Shows IronRuby running basic rails usages

  • bin -- IronRuby binaries

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