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We develop for Startups, Brands and Agencies. We are Human. And passionate about the Web.

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Join us on a critical mission with design, technology, and curiosity.

Whats with all the space things?

The space theme as a visual language for starting up the company was obvious. Fuel, Fire, and Rockets suit very well for highlighting a launch event. A certain analogy between space flight and our activities emerged more and more: the endless expanse of space could, by all means, be compared with the rapid development of the digital cosmos. We enjoy seeing us in the role of astronauts, moving through space adventurously and agile, always in search of new worlds and technologies in the context of the web. Of course, we are not the first ones abusing the fascination and the attraction of astronautics to their communicative purposes. Though as long as it fits us and gives us the ability to identify ourselves with it, we do not care.

What is it we do?

In a nutshell: Interaction design and application development for ambitious customers and agencies.

Technology is our passion. Beside outstanding design, it is technology we are stoked about. We perceive extensive technological know-how as a fundament for well-engineered software. For us, that means to continuously check out the various new (and sometimes also anterior) technologies. It is also about questioning established processes in our technological stacks. That enables us besides developing new projects without technical requirements to meet expectations linked to specified tools and frameworks. In general, we understand our employed technologies as tools for helping our customers and partners to achieve success. To get a glance of the technologies we regularly use hop over to our website.

What's it like to work with JOSHMARTIN?

Working for us means working with like-minded people. We are looking for people who suit us. Also, it is vital to us that we suit you too. This starts with our shared values such as trust, responsibility, and sustainability going over to our projects all the way to the employed technologies.

We define the value of our company through the practiced culture and the satisfaction of the people working for it. In our experience, it works best on a foundation of trust, responsibility and free space.

We offer the possibility to participate in a wide range of projects within a small, agile team. Because we generally work on the principle of self-responsibility, you can expect tremendous technological freedom. The importance lies in complying with the needs of our customers. We also work on the policy of «open source every day» because we are a convinced part of the open source community. We also consider terms as «working hours» and «off time» a bit differently. What exactly we mean by that we gladly discuss with you later on in detail if you should generally be interested.

Open Positions:


  1. hygeia hygeia Public

    COVID-19 Tracing

    Elixir 41 8

  2. currency-conversion currency-conversion Public archive

    Convert Money Amounts between currencies.

    Elixir 22 10

  3. plug-dynamic plug-dynamic Public

    🔓 Allows registration of every Plug with dynamic configuration.

    Elixir 5

  4. openapi-compiler openapi-compiler Public

    ⚙️ Eixir OpenAPI Compiler

    Elixir 6 1


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