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Pipe programs through decrypt to make your boss think you are l33t
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This program takes over the screen, prints flickering random characters and slowly makes the piped content (or input file) visible. Effectively, it does what hackers on tv-shows have.


Do this for example on Linux: tree ~/Downloads | ./

or jp2a my_favourite_cat.jpg --term-width | ./

On Mac: ls ~/Downloads -R | ./

Use case

Recover some friend's hard drive (i.e.: he destroyed his mbr). After the "hard" work has been done, act like you are having a hard time and run some of his personal files through this program and ask if he recognizes the content.

Awesomeness guaranteed.


Warning: keeps the entire input in memory and uses an O(n^2) algorithm. It is not efficient cpu/ram wise. Easy rewrite is possible but this is just for fun.


YouTube action shots - Thanks, Alex Willmer

Seen in the wild (pull request if you've seen another one)

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