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"""CILogon OAuthAuthenticator for JupyterHub
Uses OAuth 2.0 with (override with CILOGON_HOST)
- For user whitelist/admin purposes, username will be the ePPN by default.
This is typically an email address and may not work as a Unix userid.
Normalization may be required to turn the JupyterHub username into a Unix username.
- Default username_claim of ePPN does not work for all providers,
e.g. generic OAuth such as Google.
Use `c.CILogonOAuthenticator.username_claim = 'email'` to use
email instead of ePPN as the JupyterHub username.
import json
import os
from tornado.auth import OAuth2Mixin
from tornado import gen, web
from tornado.httputil import url_concat
from tornado.httpclient import HTTPRequest, AsyncHTTPClient
from traitlets import Unicode, List, Bool, validate
from jupyterhub.auth import LocalAuthenticator
from .oauth2 import OAuthLoginHandler, OAuthenticator
CILOGON_HOST = os.environ.get('CILOGON_HOST') or ''
class CILogonMixin(OAuth2Mixin):
_OAUTH_AUTHORIZE_URL = "https://%s/authorize" % CILOGON_HOST
_OAUTH_TOKEN_URL = "https://%s/oauth2/token" % CILOGON_HOST
class CILogonLoginHandler(OAuthLoginHandler, CILogonMixin):
"""See for general information."""
def authorize_redirect(self, *args, **kwargs):
"""Add idp, skin to redirect params"""
extra_params = kwargs.setdefault('extra_params', {})
if self.authenticator.idp:
extra_params["selected_idp"] = self.authenticator.idp
extra_params["skin"] =
return super().authorize_redirect(*args, **kwargs)
class CILogonOAuthenticator(OAuthenticator):
login_service = "CILogon"
client_id_env = 'CILOGON_CLIENT_ID'
client_secret_env = 'CILOGON_CLIENT_SECRET'
login_handler = CILogonLoginHandler
scope = List(Unicode(), default_value=['openid', 'email', 'org.cilogon.userinfo'],
help="""The OAuth scopes to request.
See for details.
At least 'openid' is required.
def _validate_scope(self, proposal):
"""ensure openid is requested"""
if 'openid' not in proposal.value:
return ['openid'] + proposal.value
return proposal.value
idp_whitelist = List(
help="""A list of IDP which can be stripped from the username after the @ sign.""",
strip_idp_domain = Bool(
help="""Remove the IDP domain from the username. Note that only domains which
appear in the `idp_whitelist` will be stripped.""",
idp = Unicode(
help="""The `idp` attribute is the SAML Entity ID of the user's selected
identity provider.
See for the list of identity
providers supported by CILogon.
skin = Unicode(
help="""The `skin` attribute is the name of the custom CILogon interface skin
for your application.
Contact to request a custom skin.
username_claim = Unicode(
help="""The claim in the userinfo response from which to get the JupyterHub username
Examples include: eppn, email
What keys are available will depend on the scopes requested.
See for details.
def authenticate(self, handler, data=None):
"""We set up auth_state based on additional CILogon info if we
receive it.
code = handler.get_argument("code")
# TODO: Configure the curl_httpclient for tornado
http_client = AsyncHTTPClient()
# Exchange the OAuth code for a CILogon Access Token
# See:
headers = {
"Accept": "application/json",
"User-Agent": "JupyterHub",
params = dict(
url = url_concat("https://%s/oauth2/token" % CILOGON_HOST, params)
req = HTTPRequest(url,
resp = yield http_client.fetch(req)
token_response = json.loads(resp.body.decode('utf8', 'replace'))
access_token = token_response['access_token']"Access token acquired.")
# Determine who the logged in user is
params = dict(access_token=access_token)
req = HTTPRequest(url_concat("https://%s/oauth2/userinfo" %
CILOGON_HOST, params),
resp = yield http_client.fetch(req)
resp_json = json.loads(resp.body.decode('utf8', 'replace'))
username = resp_json.get(self.username_claim)
if not username:
self.log.error("Username claim %s not found in the response: %s",
self.username_claim, sorted(resp_json.keys())
raise web.HTTPError(500, "Failed to get username from CILogon")
if self.idp_whitelist:
gotten_name, gotten_idp = username.split('@')
if gotten_idp not in self.idp_whitelist:
"Trying to login from not whitelisted domain %s", gotten_idp)
raise web.HTTPError(
500, "Trying to login from not whitelisted domain")
if len(self.idp_whitelist) == 1 and self.strip_idp_domain:
username = gotten_name
userdict = {"name": username}
# Now we set up auth_state
userdict["auth_state"] = auth_state = {}
# Save the token response and full CILogon reply in auth state
# These can be used for user provisioning
# in the Lab/Notebook environment.
auth_state['token_response'] = token_response
# store the whole user model in auth_state.cilogon_user
# keep access_token as well, in case anyone was relying on it
auth_state['access_token'] = access_token
auth_state['cilogon_user'] = resp_json
return userdict
class LocalCILogonOAuthenticator(LocalAuthenticator, CILogonOAuthenticator):
"""A version that mixes in local system user creation"""