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An implementation of the Tiger language in Ocaml; Andrew Appel
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This is an implementation of the Tiger Programming Language, but in Ocaml. This is based off of Andrew Appel's Modern Compiler Implementation in ML.

I chose Ocaml because it was easier to install on a Raspberry Pi, then Standard ML of New Jersey, and that I currently work in Ocaml/ReasonMl, and thought I would go ahead and learn the syntax of Ocaml anyways for future reference and being able to read Ocaml libraries.

Currently I am just following the exercises.

Chapter 1

  • Write an ML function (maxArgs : stm -> int) that tells the maximum number of arguments of any print statment within any subexpression of a given statement. For example, maxArgs(prog) is 2.
  • Write an ML function interp : stm -> unit that "interprets" a program in this language. To write in a functional style - without assignment (:=) or arrays - maintain a list of (variable, integer) pairs, and produce new versions of this list at each AssignStm.

Chapter 1 Exercises

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