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2008-10-02 Marcos Piccinini <>
* annotates object daddy exemplar files.
2008-10-01 Marcos Piccinini <>
* annotates factory file.
2007-03-05 Dave Thomas <>
* Forgot to call the quote method
2007-03-02 Dave Thomas <>
* Allow non-printing characters in column defaults (suggested by Ben Booth)
2007-02-28 Dave Thomas <>
* Report errors loading model classes better. Change suggested by Niels Knacke
2007-02-22 Dave Thomas <>
* Ignore models with no underlying database table (based on patch from Jamie van Dyke)
* Handle case where database has no session_info table (patch by David Vrensk)
2006-07-13 Dave Thomas <>
* Support :scale for decimal columns
2006-07-10 Wes Gamble <no@mail>
* Don't annotate abstract models
2006-06-13 Dave Thomas <>
* Fix bug where we corrupted the PREFIX string and therefore duplicated
the header
* No longer include the datetime, so we don't trigger a commit
back into repos
-- NOTE -- just this once, you'll get a duplicate header after you run
a_m on an already-annotated model. Sorry.... Dave
2006-06-11 Dave Thomas <>
* lib/annotate_models.rb: At Kian Wright's suggestion, document the table
name and primary key. Also make the timestamp prettier
2006-04-17 Dave Thomas <>
* lib/annnotate_models.rb: Include Bruce William's patch to allow
models in subdirectories
2006-03-11 Dave Thomas <>
* lib/annotate_models.rb: Use camelize, not classify, to construct
class names (Grant Hollingworth)
3/3/06 Now annotates fixture files too (thanks to Josha Susser)