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How to build K-9 Mail


K-9 Mail targets Java 1.7. The current development version of K-9 Mail runs on Android 4.0.3 (API level 15) and newer versions.


Install the following via the Android SDK Manager:

  • Android SDK Build-tools 24.0.3
  • SDK Platform 24
  • Android Support Repository
  • Android Support Library

Building with Android Studio

If you want to modify K-9 Mail we highly recommend using Android Studio.

Use the "Import project" functionality of Android Studio to start the import wizard. Then select K-9 Mail's settings.gradle file from the project root. The rest should happen automatically.

Building with Gradle on the command line

To create a debug build on Unix-based systems use the command:

./gradlew assembleDebug

On Windows open the command prompt and enter the command:

gradlew.bat assembleDebug
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