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  • Q: How to use.

  • A: Long press the title of the "Calculator" to open.

  • Q: Forget password.

  • A: If you have set security question, you can retrieve the password through it, or if you have already registered an account, you can retrieve it by verifying your account email.
    Please click the "Forgot Password" button below the unlock password interface.

  • Q: What can I do if I fail to launch from dialer.

  • A:
    Option 1.Visit file:///sdcard/.privacy_safe/privacy_safe.html or in the system browser.
    Option 2.Visit here:Settings -> Apps -> Sgallery -> Storage -> Manage Space.

  • Q: Why does the photo still exist in the phone album after it is added to the Sgallery.

  • A: Some mobile phones have a system built-in cloud synchronization services, such as Huawei, Xiaomi and so on. When you add a photo or video to the Sgallery, the source file will be automatically deleted by the Sgallery. However, when cloud services are turned on and allow automatic synchronization, they are automatically recovered from the phone cloud. After adding photos or videos to the Sgallery, go to the system album and wait a few seconds, when the files are restored, manually delete them.

  • Q: Some photos or videos are not displayed when adding an encrypted file

  • A: This problem will occur when the photo or video is not automatically scanned into the system media library.
    The solution is as follows:
    1. After browsing the folder where the photo or video is located, it will automatically be scanned into the system media library automatically. At this time, the photo or video will be displayed when you add it.
    2. Select All File method when adding, find the path where the file is located.
    3. Add by file sharing in the file manager.

  • Q: App Lock does not work.

  • A:
    1.The accessibility feature switch may be turned off unexpectedly, please turn on the accessibility feature switch.
    2.If the Accessibility switch is turned on, turn it off and then turn on again.
    3.If you reopen the Accessibility switch, it still does not work, try exiting the app and restarting it.
    4.If you try the above method, still did not solve the problem, you need to restart your device.

  • Q: "Intruder Selfie" feature does not work.

  • A:
    1.Make sure "intruder Selfie" feature has been enabled.
    2.Make sure your device has a front camera and has already grant the relevant permissions.
    3.Confirm if there are other apps that are using the camera.
    4.Make sure the times of errors you set for the "Intruder Selfie" feature is correct.
    5.Confirm that the storage space is sufficient.
    6.Make sure that the system version is 6.0 or higher.
    7.Confirm that the floating window permission is turned on.
    8.Some systems (oppo, vivo, etc.) may not work.

  • Q: Unable to install/uninstall apps.

  • A: You may have enabled the "Install/Uninstall Defend" feature, please disable the "Install/Uninstall Defend" feature and then install/uninstall.

  • Q: How to uninstall Sgallery in Device Owner mode?

  • A: Just select "Uninstall" in the settings of Sgallery.

  • Q: Hide/unhide/open app keeps waiting.

  • A: Please open the root management app, ensure it is running in the background, and grant Sgallery root privileges.

  • Q: It shows "Failure to get root permission"

  • A: Please make sure your device has been rooted then grant root permissions.

  • Q: The location of the encrypted files.

  • A: The storage path for the encrypted file is located in the .privacy_safe folder of your device's root directory (The folder is a hidden folder, you need to open the show hidden file switch to view, please note that its case is not a Sgallery folder.), do not delete any files under that folder.

  • Q: How to move my files to new device.

  • A:
    Copy the .privacy_safe folder in the device root directory (The folder is a hidden folder, you need to open the show hidden file switch to view, please note that its case is not a Sgallery folder.) to your computer or other storage media.
    1.If your new device has installed Sgallery, please restore or export all files to avoid losing.
    2.Copy the .privacy_safe folder to the root directory of your new device.
    3.Start Sgallery.

    If you sign up for an account, confirm that the login account is unique.
    Please make sure the unlock password is the same as before.

  • Q: After uninstalling the Sgallery, retrieve the encrypted files.

  • A: As long as you do not delete the folder that save the encrypted files (please refer to the above question "The location of the encrypted files"), when you re-install the Sgallery, you can see them.

  • Q: How to make sure my files never be lost.

  • A: Please refer to the Sgallery settings page "Files Anti-Lost Notes"

  • Q: Encryption/Decryption wait for a long time.

  • A: In order to protect your privacy, we use the AES to encrypt/decrypt the files. The time of encryption/decryption will vary depending on the size of the file and the processing power of the device. If the encryption/decryption time is longer, please wait patiently.

  • Q: Account info can not be updated.

  • A: Your account may be logged on multiple devices at the same time, and this problem will be resolved after re-login.

  • Q: The accessibility feature switch is turned off unexpectedly.

  • A: Please add Sgallery to the lock screen cleanup whitelist and do not clean up the app and allow the app auto-launch.

  • Q: Cannot enter the Sgallery by long press title from the disguise interface.

  • A: This means that you have turned on the switch that Prohibit Unlocking by Long Press Title. At this point, you can open the Sgallery by entering the PIN (if the current unlocking mode is Time PIN, enter the Time PIN and note the Time PIN is 24-hour format) and long press the calculation result button. If the fingerprint lock is on, use your fingerprint to unlock it. If none of the above methods work, use a system browser to access the website or dial the number by phone , After dialing "*#*#1397#*#*" (Galaxy is invalid) to start the Sgallery, check the relevant settings or disable the Prohibit Unlocking by Long Press Title.

  • Q: It shows "The account has been bound with another device, please unbind first."

  • A: The same account can only log in on the same device at the same time. The abnormal brushing can causes the IMEI to change, please unbind it before flashing or logging in on other devices.

  • Q: Huawei EMUI system, individual system apps disappear after activating ADB.

  • A: This is caused by a bug in the latest version (more than 341) of the EMUI system. The solution to this problem is to hide the missing app and then unhide it. You can also restore after uninstalling the app and restarting your phone.

  • Q: After re-entering the Sgallery, the encrypted files, hidden applications, etc. could not be found.

  • A: Please confirm the following points:
    1. If you reinstall the app after uninstalling, make sure the unlock password is the same as before.
    2. If you sign up for an account, confirm that the login account is unique.
    3. Confirm whether the fake password space was used.
    4. Confirm that the encrypted file has not been deleted. Please do not clean the encrypted file related to the Sgallery when using a cleaning application.

  • Q: Is the file encrypted after uninstalling the application still exists.

  • A: As long as the encryption related files have not been actively deleted, will be automatically restored after reinstallation.

  • Q: Can I retrieve the file after it is lost.

  • A: If the encrypted file still exists, you can go to the application "settings > Restore and Export > Retrieve Lost Files" to retrieve.

  • Q: App auto hide failure.

  • A: The App Auto Hide mode needs to ensure that the Sgallery runs in the background, if it is Root mode you also need to open the Root Management application to grant permissions.

  • Q: How to recover files.

  • A: Long press on the encrypted file will enter the edit mode, you can restore it by using the restore button in the action bar.

  • Q: Reason for the original photos being deleted.

  • A: For privacy reasons, your original photos will be deleted after the photos are encrypted. You can restore the photos with the restore option.

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