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Taiga Front

> READ THIS FIRST!: We recently announced Taiga plans for the future and they greatly affect how we manage this repository and the current Taiga 6 release. Check it here.

Managed with Build Status

Get the compiled version

You can get the compiled version of this code in the taiga-front-dist repository


Currently, we have authored three main documentation hubs:

  • API: Our API documentation and reference for developing from Taiga API.
  • Documentation: If you need to install Taiga on your own server, this is the place to find some guides.
  • Taiga Community: This page is intended to be the support reference page for the users.

Bug reports

If you find a bug in Taiga you can always report it:

One of our fellow Taiga developers will search, find and hunt it as soon as possible.

Please, before reporting a bug, write down how can we reproduce it, your operating system, your browser and version, and if it's possible, a screenshot. Sometimes it takes less time to fix a bug if the developer knows how to find it.


If you need help to setup Taiga, want to talk about some cool enhancement or you have some questions, please go to Taiga community.

If you want to be up to date about announcements of releases, important changes and so on, you can subscribe to our newsletter (you will find it by scrolling down at and follow @taigaio on Twitter.

Contribute to Taiga

There are many different ways to contribute to Taiga's platform, from patches, to documentation and UI enhancements, just find the one that best fits with your skills. Check out our detailed contribution guide

Code of Conduct

Help us keep the Taiga Community open and inclusive. Please read and follow our Code of Conduct.


Every code patch accepted in Taiga codebase is licensed under MPL 2.0. You must be careful to not include any code that can not be licensed under this license.

Please read carefully our license and ask us if you have any questions as well as the Contribution policy.

Initial dev env

Install requirements:

Node + Gulp

We recommend using nvm to manage different node versions

npm start

And go in your browser to: http://localhost:9001/

E2E test

If you want to run e2e tests

npm install -g protractor
npm install -g mocha
npm install -g babel@5

webdriver-manager update

To run a local Selenium Server, you will need to have the Java Development Kit (JDK) installed.


Unit tests

  • To run unit tests

    npx gulp
    npm test

E2E tests

  • To run e2e tests you need taiga-back running and

    npx gulp
    webdriver-manager start
    protractor conf.e2e.js --suite=auth     # To tests authentication
    protractor conf.e2e.js --suite=full     # To test all the platform authenticated