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Deathcounter and Soundboard, WPF app for setting up key shortcuts
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Deathcounter and Soundboard

Deathcounter and Soundboard allows you to create keyboard shortcuts to trigger sound effects and keep count of something (for example deaths in game). Key shortcuts are recognized even if application is not focused.

Application screenshot

For each counter you can set:

  • Name - to easily identify counters
  • Path to text file - file where current count is stored and can be used to display it on stream
  • Count
  • Increment - number that is added/subtracted
  • Format - allows you to add custom text to accompany count number

For each sound you can set:

  • Name - to easily identify different sounds
  • Path to one or more sound files, random one will be played any time you hit specified key. Supported file formats are: wma, mp3, wav, ogg, m4a, aiff, and flac
  • Key or key combination - to play this sound
  • Volume - for this sound
  • Loop - whether or not to loop this sound


You can create Presets to quickly switch between lists of counters and sounds for different situations, even with keyboard shortcut.

Application allows you to set some more keyboard shortcut:

  • Select next counter
  • Select previous counter
  • Increment counter
  • Decrement counter
  • Reset counter
  • Pause all playing sounds
  • Continue playing sound
  • Stop all playing sounds

Additional settings:

  • Overlap sounds
  • Select one or two specific sound output devices
  • Enable/disable counters or sounds
  • Display/hide counters or sounds
  • Minimize to tray

Please read:

If you come across any bug, something stops working or the program crashes please create issue here. Include as much information as you can provide (any error messages, what stopped working, what were you doing when it happened, what version you are using...). Usually restarting the program/running it as an administrator helps.

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