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$KAME: CHANGELOG,v 1.2742 2005/04/04 09:14:57 suz Exp $
2005-04-04 SUZUKI, Shinsuke <>
* kame/sys/netinet6/nd6.c: when the number of the packets queued in
a NDP cache exceed the limit, discard the oldest packet,
as specified in RFC2461 7.2.2.
2005-04-01 SUZUKI, Shinsuke <>
* kame/sys/netinet/icmp6.h, kame/sys/netinet6/icmp6.c, nd6.c: limits
the number of unresolved packets stored in a NDP cache.
(To prevent a DoS attack using 2005-01-21's change)
2005-04-01 SUZUKI, Shinsuke <>
* kame/kame/rtadvd/configc, rtadvd.[ch]: reflect router-variables
in RA configuration into host-variables in kernel.
2005-03-30 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* kame/kame/dhcp6/addrconf.c (update_address): make sure that
the lifetimes of addresses are updated when the client receives a
Reply in response to Renew or Rebind.
2005-03-23 SUZUKI, Shinsuke <>
* kame/sys/net/if_ist.c: added a sanity check for the IPv4 address
embedded in the configured IPv6 address
2005-03-18 SUZUKI, Shinsuke <>
* kame/sys/netinet6/in6.c, in6_var.h, in6_proto.c, ip6_input.c,
ip6_mroute.c: added a knob to enable path MTU discovery for
multicast packets. (by default, it is disabled)
2005-03-14 SUZUKI, Shinsuke <>
* kame/sys/netinet6/ip6_output.c: fixed a kernel crash due to a LOR
by a multicast-group join without specifying any receiving interface.
2005-03-14 SUZUKI, Shinsuke <>
* kame/sys/netinet6/in6.c, in6_var.h, nd6.c: introduced an ioctl option
to configure IPv6 host variables from userland. (intented for a use
on router to reflect RA parameter to kernel)
* kame/kame/ndp/ndp.c: added a knob to kick this ioctl.
2005-03-08 SUZUKI, Shinsuke <>
* freebsd5/sys/kern/uipc_socket.c, freebsd5/sys/kern/uipc_syscalls.c,
makes SCTP compilable on FreeBSD5
Tue Mar 8 05:31:52 JST 2005
* kame/kame/racoon/isakmp.c:
one of buffer overrun problem was fixed. from ipsec-tools team.
Mon Mar 6 2005
* kame/sys/netinet{,6}/sctp*: new patch from randall
2005-03-02 SUZUKI, Shinsuke <>
* kame/kame/dhcp6/dhcp6.c: fixed a DHCPv6-client
initialization failure when a node has no IPv6 global address.
2005-03-02 SUZUKI, Shinsuke <>
* kame/kame/dhcp6/dhcp6relay.[c8]: supports multiple client-side
2005-03-02 SUZUKI, Shinsuke <>
* kame/sys/netinet6/ip6_output.c: fixed a freebsd5 kernel crash when
WITNESS debug option is enabled
2005-03-01 ryuji <>
* "mdd" is replaced by "babymdd". please see man page for details.
2005-03-01 SUZUKI, Shinsuke <>
* integrated dhcp6lc functionality into dhcp6c ('i' option)
2005-02-28 Tsuyoshi MOMOSE <>
* kame/sys/net/mipsock.c, kame/kame/shisad/mnd.c: Fixed word alignment
2005-02-22 SUZUKI, Shinsuke <>
* kame/sys/net/pf.c, freebsd5/sys/contrib/pf/net/pf.c: fixed a bug that
PF discards every packet with option headers.
Reported by: Stig Venaas
2005-02-22 SUZUKI, Shinsuke <>
* kame/sys/netinet6/ip6_input.c: fixed PF malfunction for inbound
IPv6 traffic on freebsd5.
2005-02-15 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* kame/sys/netinet6/ipsec.c: (ipsec[46]_in_reject): fixed
unexpected panic on freebsd5.
Mon Feb 7 12:02:16 JST 2005
* freebsd4: Upgrade to 4.11-RELEASE
2005-01-31 Tsuyoshi MOMOSE <>
* kame/sys/netinet6/mip6.c: stop proxy ND on a home agent when
the home agent daemon was terminated.
This problem was found by Christian Vogt<>.
* kame/sys/netinet6/nd6.h: fixed an IPv6 packet output failure
when an ICMPv6 Redirect message announces that the destination
is onlink in prior to the packet output.
* kame/sys/netinet6/{nd6.c, nd6_nbr.c}: fixed a loss of fragmented
packets when the corresponding NDP state is not resolved.
* kame/sys/netinet6/icmp6.c: ignores ICMPv6 code field in case of
ICMPv6 Packet-Too-Big.
* kame/sys/netinet6/ip6_output: fixed a path MTU discovery failure
on FreeBSD5.
* kame/sys/netinet6/icmp6.c: fixed an ICMPv6 Redirect message corruption
* kame/kame/dhcp6: implemented stateful non-temporary address
* kame/sys/netkey/key.c: fixed an unexpected addr/port matching failure
in SA management.
* kame/sys/netinet6/{udp6_var.h, udp6_usrreq.c}: fixed a NetBSD
kernel crash by referring to an uninitialized variable.
Wed Jan 5 07:58:00 UTC 2005
* switch NetBSD base version to 2.0. todo: dccp, sctp, pf, altq
* kame/sys/netinet6/mldv2.c: fixed a kernel crash by an MLDv2
Query (Multicast Address and Source Specific Query).
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