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$if mysql
"\C-xd": "show databases;"
"\C-xt": "show tables;"
"\C-x\C-t": "select table_name, engine, table_rows as tbl_rows, avg_row_length as rlen, floor((data_length+index_length)/1024/1024) as allMB, floor((data_length)/1024/1024) as dMB, floor((index_length)/1024/1024) as iMB from information_schema.tables where table_schema=database() order by (data_length+index_length) desc;"
"\C-xu": "select user,host,password from mysql.user order by user,host;"
"\C-xb": "select user,host,db from mysql.db order by user,host;"
"\C-xc": "show create table TN\\G"
"\C-xl": "select t_b.trx_mysql_thread_id blocking_id, t_w.trx_mysql_thread_id requesting_id, p_b.HOST blocking_host, p_w.HOST requesting_host, l.lock_table lock_table, l.lock_index lock_index, l.lock_mode lock_mode, p_w.TIME seconds, p_b.INFO blocking_info, p_w.INFO requesting_info from information_schema.INNODB_LOCK_WAITS w, information_schema.INNODB_LOCKS l, information_schema.INNODB_TRX t_b, information_schema.INNODB_TRX t_w, information_schema.PROCESSLIST p_b, information_schema.PROCESSLIST p_w where w.blocking_lock_id = l.lock_id and w.blocking_trx_id = t_b.trx_id and w.requesting_trx_id = t_w.trx_id and t_b.trx_mysql_thread_id = p_b.ID and t_w.trx_mysql_thread_id = p_w.ID order by requesting_id, blocking_id\\G"
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