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# -----------------------------------------------------------------------
# Welcome to the main configuration of ChatControl
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------
# [General support and updates]
# [Default configuration with comments]
# [Tips]
# - Color codes are supported with the '&' character, see
# for usage
# - To not display a message, set it to 'none'.
# - Unicode /special characters/ only work when files are saved in
# UTF-8 encoding. Tested on Notepad++, WordPad on Windows is broken.
# - Most of the messages (warnings, etc) are found in the localization.
# To customize it, make a new file in "localization/messages_LOCALE.yml"
# (Replace LOCALE with the actuall locale name, by default 'en'). It
# will be filled with all default values and kept with sync on updates.
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------
# Delay between player logging in again in seconds.
Rejoin_Delay_Seconds: 4
# Set if the player has to move from their join location to do following.
# To be able to chat (player will still be able to execute commands)
Chat: true
Enabled: true
Warn_Player: true
# Ignore player names. Exclude them from caps percentage and caps in a row check.
# Enabling is not recommended on a bigger servers (50+ slots) due to iterating over every player (laggy).
Ignore_Usernames: false
Min_Message_Length: 5
Min_Caps_Percentage: 50
Min_Caps_In_A_Row: 5
Ignore_Special_Characters: true
Ignore_Duplicate_Characters: false
# If enabled, the first and second arguments in longer commands will be ignored.
# This makes the check less annoying in messages like /tell <player> message
# where it ignores /tell and <player> name.
Ignore_First_Arguments_In_Commands: true
# Delay in seconds. Set to 0 to disable.
Delay_Between_Commands: 2
# If a message is similar (in percents) to the previous one, block it.
# Set to 0 or 100 to disable.
# We keep in mind that commands like /tell includes always name, making the check less annonying.
Similar_Percentage_Block: 80
# Commands ignored from the delay check.
- tell
- pm
- t
- w
- r
# Commands ignored from the similarity check.
- spawn
- home
# Delay in seconds. Set to 0 to disable.
Delay_Between_Messages: 1
# If a command is similar (in percents) to the previous one, block it.
# Set to 0 or 100 to disable.
Similar_Percentage_Block: 80
# Should regular expressions be supported in Whitelist_Similarity and Whitelist_Delay?
# ! Can lead to unexpected behavior.
Regex_In_Whitelist: false
# Message that starts with following strings will be ignored from the delay check.
- hello
- hey
# Message that starts with following strings will be ignored from the similarity check.
- yes
# You need Vault to enable the formatter.
Enabled: false
# Default chat message format.
# The prefix has to include the 'pl_' because without it the plugin's prefix name will be given instead.
Message_Format: '{pl_prefix}{player}:{pl_suffix} {message}'
# If Ranged_Mode is enabled, this format is used when a message is printed to the global chat by prefixing it with '!'
# NB: Player must also have the '' permission to speak to the global chat.
Global_Message_Format: '&8[GLOBAL]&f {pl_prefix}{player}:{pl_suffix} {message}'
# If Ranged_Mode is enabled, this format is used when a player with '' permission receives ranged message
# that he normally should't see.
# To spy on private messages (e.g. /tell or /mail), use Essentials /socialspy feature.
Spy_Message_Format: '&8SPY: [{world}&8]&f {pl_prefix}{player}:{pl_suffix} {message}'
# If enabled and a players write a message, it will only be sent to players
# within distance of the player specified in Range
Ranged_Mode: false
# If you want the range for entire world, give everyone permission.
Range: 100.0
# Punctualize every sentence. Ignores URLs.
Enabled: true
Min_Message_Length: 5
# Make the first letter of a sentence big. Ignores URLs.
Enabled: true
Min_Message_Length: 5
# Broadcast that the chat was wiped?
Broadcast: true
# Send only one message to staff instead of a bunch of blank lines.
Do_Not_Clear_For_Staff: true
# Amount of blank lines that will be printed in the console when it is cleared.
Console_Lines_To_Clear: 300
# Use 'default' to not modify, 'hide' to not display or write a custom message
# Variables: {player} {pl_suffix} {pl_prefix} (when Vault is installed)
# {countrycode} and {countryname} when AuthMe is installed
Join: default
Quit: default
Kick: default
# Needs AuthMe-Reloaded. Only display quit message when the player has logged.
# You can disable displaying join message in AuthMe itself by enabling 'delayJoinMessage' in its config
Show_Quit_Only_When_Logged: true
# Automatic message broadcaster.
Enabled: false
Random_Order: false
# If random order is enabled, the messages will be put in a cache and not repeat until the cache is empty,
# then it will be filled again and so on.
Random_No_Repeat: true
# Prefix and suffix supports variables {player} (player name) and {world} (world name)
Prefix: '&8[&2Tip&8]&2'
Suffix: ''
Delay_Seconds: 180
# Timed messages per worlds.
# By default every world includes global messages.
# Messages displayed in all worlds.
- Hey, {player}, did you know that this server is running ChatControl?
- 'Visit developer website: &a'
# In this world will be displayed both global messages and these specified below.
- Grief is not permitted what-so-ever and every griefer will be banned.
- Can you survive the night on {world} world?
# In this world will be displayed messages included from hardcore world.
- includeFrom hardcore
# No messages will be broadcasted in this world.
- excludeGlobal
# Global messages will no be displayed in this world.
- excludeGlobal
- Welcome on Creative world. Enjoy your gamemode :)
# Broadcast that the chat was mute?
Broadcast: true
# Hide the following messages when the chat is muted
Join_Messages: true
Quit_Messages: true
Kick_Messages: true
Death_Messages: true
- me
- tell
- msg
- r
- w
# Needs ProtocolLib
# Enables all features that requires ProtocolLib
# e.g. packet rules, tab complete
Enabled: true
# Prevent tab complete in certain cases where it can reveal server info.
# For more advanced configuration use Spigot and configure the function in spigot.yml
Disable: true
Disable_Only_In_Commands: true
# If the written message/command contains space ' ', allow it.
Allow_When_Message_Has_Space: true
# Allow when the message length is above specific number.
# Not recommended as it might still reveal your server setup.
Allow_When_Length_Above: 0
# Custom rules are found in rules/ folder inside your plugins folder.
# Enabled in chat?
Check_Chat: true
# Enabled in commands?
Check_Commands: true
# Enabled on signs?
Check_Signs: true
# Needs ProtocolLib. If enabled, messages will be checked against rules/packets.txt
# which supports replacing even bukkit / plugin messages.
Check_Packets: true
# Since Minecraft 1.7x, every message is a chat component. Unpacking it will bring better/more expected results.
# Disable if experiencing issues with chat formatting plugins. Messages with hover/click effects won't be checked.
Deserialize_Json: true
# Filter console messages specified below?
Enabled: true
# Remove certain messages from the server console.
# Does not need to be whole message, just a part of the message you want to block.
- Reached end of stream for
- Connection reset
- lost connection
# Player will be unable to place two signs with the same text.
Deny_Signs_With_Same_Text: false
Alert_Staff: true
# Block the sign (cancel event) when a custom rule matches the text on it.
# NOT related to duplication check but to the custom rules.
Block_When_Violates_A_Rule: true
# Drop sign as an item?
Drop_Sign: true
# Plays a sound to a player that is mentioned.
Enabled: true
# Play a sound to player only when their are afk? Checked from Essentials plugin.
Notify_Only_When_Afk: true
# Play a sound to player only when someone writes following characters before
# their name: Set to none to play a sound when the players name is mentioned in the chat.
Notify_Only_If_Prefixed_With: '@'
# Format: bukkit_sound_name, volume (float), pitch (float)
# NB! In Minecraft 1.9, the sound names has changed! If you are using 1.8.x or older, the default sound name is 'CHICKEN_EGG_POP'
# Sounds for 1.9+:
# Sounds for <=1.8:
- msg
- tell
- t
- w
- r
# Overrides some settings above.
# There are currently only two settings.
Enabled: false
# If you add a player/group permission (e.g via PermissionsEx: /pex user <nick> add <perm>)
# Then you will not need to reload ChatControl with /chc reload
# Always checking has impact on performance and it is recommended to have it disabled.
Always_Check_Updates: false
# Example usage. Give the player to make it working.
# As you can see, if you do not specify the value, the default will be used.
Message_Delay: 0
Message_Delay: 4
Command_Delay: 6
# Notice if you are an OP you need to negate those permissions
# otherwise it will be applied on you, too!
Join_Message: "&6[VIP] &e{player} has joined the game"
Leave_Message: "&6[VIP] &e{player} has left the game"
Kick_Message: none
Enabled: true
Notify: true
Download: true
# Disable important announcements after the plugin has been loaded
Check_Notes: true
# Save chat to file?
Write_Chat_Communication: true
Strip_Colors: true
# Messages of following players will not get writed.
- ignoredAdmin
# Commands that will be saved along with chat messages.
- tell
# Advanced: Affects the order in which we format and check the chat. No need to touch.
# Read for more information.
# Plugins which may require changing priority of Formatter: FactionsChat, BanManager and WorldGuard.
# You need to find the correct combination for your server yourself. Restart after each change.
# Used for chat formatting. Should have the last say, meaning highest priority.
Formatter: NORMAL
# Used for checking a message against duplication, time or rules.
Checker: NORMAL
# Minimum amount of players online for rules and anti-spam.
Minimum_Players_To_Enable_Checks: 0
# How much time a rule has to process a message? Used to prevent server freezing with malformed rules.
Regex_Timeout_Milis: 100
# To customize a locale, make file in localization/messages_LOCALENAME.yml
# It will be filled with all the values.
# Current available locales: en (English), de (German), sk (Slovak), cz (Czech), fr (French), nl (Dutch), se (Swedish), es (Spanish),
# vi (Vietnamese), ro (Romanian), pl (Polish) and cn (Chinese)
Locale: en
# Time of some plugin's operations is measured.
# Print a message in the console if they take longer than specified millisecond time.
# Set to 0 to disable.
Log_Lag_Over_Milis: 100
# If a message was caught by a rule print info to the console.
# It is possible to hide individual packet rules from appearing
# with "dont verbose" operators. This currently works only on packet rules.
Verbose_Rules: true
# Removes certain messages from startup (reduces spam in the console)
# If you are having any issues, disable this and enable Verbose and Debug.
Silent_Startup: true
# Plugin saves some player data, such as their last message or command + date of writing them, for antispam to use.
# You can decide if these data should be reset when the player quits. Recommended in lobby (when on bungee), but not elsewhere.
Reset_Cache_On_Quit: false
# Set to true if the \n operator does not work for you.
# Before that, please ensure you've saved the file in an encoding that supports new line operator.
Enforce_New_Line: false
# Search for players geographical information for {countryname} and {countrycode} variables?
# Disable to improve performance a tiny bit.
Lookup_Geo_Data: true
# Enable if you are having issues, will tell you detailed info in the console.
Debug: false
# Do not change this value, otherwise it will corrupt your plugin installation!
Version: 4
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