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KaraCos NoCR using MongoDB

Getting started

KaraCos-NoCR-MongoDB is a content repository implementing the NoCR API, a JCR close, but asynchronous content repository API.


You only need nodejs and npm to start using nocr-mongo in you project.

npm install nocr-mongo

Using nocr-mongo

var nocrMongo = require('nocr-mongo');

Repository = new nocrMongo.Repository({
	db: {
		dbname: "my_mongo_db_name", // creates the db if not already exists
		dbhost: "", // default mongodb if you have it installed locally
		dbport: 27017 // default mongodb port
	}, function(err, repository) {
		// login with default username and password (nocr-mongo doesn't provices yet a way to change this.
		repository.login({'username': "admin", 'password': "demo"}, function(err, session) {
			// you may use the session object as describes in NoCR API
			session.getRootNode(function(err, rootNode) {
				rootNode.addNode('myNode', 'nt:undefined', function(err, myNode) {
					myNode.setProperty("myproperty", "mavaleur", function(err, myProperty){
						//do whatever you want with property, or something else.; //persist data and indexes in mongodb

Running testsuite

cd nocr-mongo
npm link
vows test/testSuite.js --spec