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// KSURLQueryUtilities.h
// Sandvox
// Created by Mike on 27/07/2012.
// Copyright (c) 2012 Karelia Software. All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
@interface NSURL (KSURLQueryUtilities)
// It's common to use the query part of a URL for a dictionary-like series of parameters. This method will decode that for you, including handling strings which were escaped to fit the scheme
- (NSDictionary *)ks_queryParameters;
// To do the reverse, construct a dictonary for the query and pass into either of these methods. You can base the result off of an existing URL, or specify all the components.
- (NSURL *)ks_URLWithQueryParameters:(NSDictionary *)parameters;
+ (NSURL *)ks_URLWithScheme:(NSString *)scheme
host:(NSString *)host
path:(NSString *)path
queryParameters:(NSDictionary *)parameters;
// Primitive methods for if you need tighter control over handling query dictionaries
+ (NSString *)ks_queryWithParameters:(NSDictionary *)parameters;
+ (NSDictionary *)ks_parametersOfQuery:(NSString *)queryString;
@interface NSString (KSURLQueryUtilities)
// Follows RFC2396, section 3.4
- (NSString *)ks_stringByAddingQueryComponentPercentEscapes;
- (NSString *)ks_stringByReplacingQueryComponentPercentEscapes;
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