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package main
import (
func main() {
app := iris.New()
none := app.None("/invisible/{username}", func(ctx iris.Context) {
ctx.Writef("Hello %s with method: %s", ctx.Params().Get("username"), ctx.Method())
if from := ctx.Values().GetString("from"); from != "" {
ctx.Writef("\nI see that you're coming from %s", from)
app.Get("/change", func(ctx iris.Context) {
if none.IsOnline() {
none.Method = iris.MethodNone
} else {
none.Method = iris.MethodGet
// refresh re-builds the router at serve-time in order to be notified for its new routes.
app.Get("/execute", func(ctx iris.Context) {
// same as navigating to "http://localhost:8080/invisible/iris" when /change has being invoked and route state changed
// from "offline" to "online"
ctx.Values().Set("from", "/execute") // values and session can be shared when calling Exec from a "foreign" context.
// ctx.Exec("NONE", "/invisible/iris")
// or after "/change":
ctx.Exec("GET", "/invisible/iris")
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