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Description: This collection of styles aims to help haskell bloggers set up beautiful blogs with Hakyll static site generator by showcasing available themes.

For themes with custom site.hs, consider the hakyll-themes repo.

The examples in default_theme are using CSS to edit the default, out-of-the-box version of site.hs and templates/*.html that are created. The example in gallery is used to generate the gallery site.

Installation & Setup

To preview the themes locally, you can follow these steps:

  1. Install hakyll
    • with stack or
    • with cabal cabal install hakyll or
    • with nix nix-shell -p '(haskellPackages.ghcWithPackages (pkgs: with pkgs; [ hakyll ]))'
  2. clone this repo
  3. cd into default_theme
  4. compile ghc --make site.hs
  5. run server with ./site watch


It's through community contributions that will continue to improve this collection. You can contribute in several ways.

  • Submitting theme: If you'd like to contribute your theme, fork the repo, create a new css file with your theme and place it in default_theme/css.

    • if you're using the out of the box site.hs and template files: add the file to the css directory under default_theme and add an option to the dropdown menu in default.html
    • if you're contributing a whole new theme with a custom site.hs file, please consider contributing to hakyll-themes
  • Issues: Provide a detailed report of any bugs you encounter, and open an issue on GitHub.

  • Documentation: If you'd like to fix a typo or enhance the docs, you can fork the project, make your changes, and submit a pull request.

  • Code: Make a fix and submit it as a pull request.


Katherine Chuang


Jasper Van der Jeugt for Hakyll

Hakyll-cssgarden Contributors

Copyright and license

  • Copyright 2015-2017 Katherine Chuang
  • Code released under the MIT License


gallery of themes for hakyll static site generator




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