Geospatial-Network Visualisation of ICIJ Paradise Papers data
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A Geospatial-Network Visualisation of the ICIJ Paradise/Panama Papers data

OffshoreLeaks Viz

Viz Demo

Set-up instructions

1. Download the Neo4j Offshore Leaks database

Download the right Neo4j Desktop executable for your OS from:

Run the executable to start the database.

2. Geomapping the address nodes in the database

The address nodes in the database have no coordinate information. We’ll have to preprocess it by running a query over the database to geomap the address nodes.

(i). Append the following to the neo4j.conf file to set the details of the geomapping API provider.


(ii). In the Neo4j browser, execute the following Cypher query:

  MATCH (a:Address) WITH a LIMIT 1
  CALL apoc.spatial.geocodeOnce( YIELD location
  WITH a, location.latitude AS latitude, location.longitude AS longitude,
    location.description AS description
  SET a.latitude = latitude,
      a.longitude = longitude,
      a.description = description

This will update the records with latitude and longitude features for our visualisation.

Run Locally

  1. Start the database by running the Neo4j executable.
  2. Open index.html.