@kblok kblok released this Jul 27, 2018 · 221 commits to master since this release

New APIs

Minor changes

  • b1f108b Rolled Chromium to r555668.
  • 1ca3e70 Status 204 support.
  • 21daa2d Report 'Log' domain entries as 'console' events.
  • b187eb1 Verify file url interception works as expected.
  • 8e62366 DownloadAsync should return revision info even if the revision was already downloaded.
  • 5b66364 Allow user gesture restricted code to be run in Page.EvaluateExpressionAsync.
  • 1a86165 Add pixel2/pixel2 xl.
  • c39f625 Add explanation to page.waitForNavigation.
  • 60c2c0e ElementHandle EvaluateFunctionAsync examples.
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