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For the latest news, visit the SparForte web site.
SparForte 2.0.4's focus was bringing SparForte into Jenkins continuous integration.
1. Fix: backquoted strings cannot be used as a Bourne shell command.
2. Fix: type error when using env; to show all parameters, resulting from new parameterized generic type handling error, has been fixed.
3. Refactor: help command split out from builtins package.
4. Refactor: new report system created, built-in help topics converted to use it.
5. Change: pragma deprecated/depreciated is now an error when running in design phase mode, but remains a warning otherwise.
6. Fix: spar -e with an empty string now produces an appropriate error message instead of "empty script name".
7: Fix: a file or spar -e string with only whitespace is now an error.
8: Fix: "hash clash" internal error message corrected, typically on shell exit.
9. Fix: dbm online help fixed.
10. Fix: strings.match online help no longer "help match" but "help strings.match" as in the index page.
11. Fix: set_input added to the help index.
12. Fix: with separate added to help command.
13. Change: make coverage regression and coverage tests now support Jenkins using JUnit/Cobetura.
14. New: user types and subtypes can be declared abstract. [TODO: check parameters, negative tests, and docs.]
15. New: scalar variables can be declared limited. [TODO: check parameters, negative tests - arrays, records, which can't be assigned yet]. This isn't that useful until packages or some other context is defined where it can be assigned.]
16. Fix: passing a record to an array index no longer results in an exception crash.
17. New: gprof profiling enabled on make coverage
18. Fix: rounding errors in calendar.time arithmetic fixed.
19. Fix: functions many no longer be called in static expressions (since they use regular expressions, not static ones).
20. Refactor: expression handling redesigned to get some minor speed improvements.
21. Fix: passing a record to an array index in an anonymous array longer results in an exception crash.
23. Fix: PWD's value is set when SparForte starts and no longer shows the PWD value imported from the environment, which could possibly be incorrect.
24. New: changes to provision and configure scripts for Debian.
25. Change: whitespace at end of line no longer an error in maintenance phase.
26. Fix: constraint error caught when setting values too large in btree_io and hash_io.
27. Fix: formal parmeters of procedures and functions no longer clash with pre-existing identifiers of the same name.
28. Fix: arrays.shuffle rare constraint error (should be) fixed.
29. Fix: last in chain internal identifier no longer shows a "should be constant" error in test phase mode.
30. Fix: scalar user types no longer incorrectly treated as subtypes during syntax check.