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For the latest news, visit the Linux Cafe at the PegaSoft web site.
SparForte 2.0's focus was on ???.
1. Change: configure modified for FreeBSD 10 and ADAVOX code (commented out) removed. Doesn't fully work on FreeBSD 10 yet.
2. Fix: eliminated warnings on newer versions of gcc for tinyserver buffer and apq printf formatting one one line
3. Fix: trailing whitespace check no longer crashes with separate files.
4. New: more Standard OpenGL functions (not documented yet) :
glnormal3b, glnormal3d, glnormal3f, glnormal3i,
glnormal3s, glindexd, glindexf, glindexi,
glindexs, glrectd, glrectf, glrecti,
glrects, gllightf, gllighti, gltexcoord1d,
gltexcoord1f, gltexcoord1i, gltexcoord1s, gltexcoord2d,
gltexcoord2f, gltexcoord2i, gltexcoord2s, gltexcoord3d,
gltexcoord3f, gltexcoord3i, gltexcoord3s, gltexcoord4d,
gltexcoord4f, gltexcoord4i, gltexcoord4s, glscaled,
glscalef, gldepthmask, gldepthrange, glenableclientstate,
gldisableclientstate, glpushattrib, glpopattrib, gllightmodelf,
gllightmodeli, glmaterialf, glmateriali, glpixelzoom,
glpixelstoref, glpixelstorei, glpixeltransferf, glpixeltransferi,
glstencilmask, glstencilop, glclearstencil, glstencilfunc,
gltexgend, gltexgenf, gltexgeni, gltexenvf,
gltexenvi, gltexparameterf, gltexparameteri, glbindtexture,
glcolormaterial, glfogf, glfogi, glpassthrough,
glinitnames, glloadname, glpushname, gopopname,
[not all tested]
5. New: OpenGL extension functions
6. Change: byte code changed - reserved word limit moved from 128 to 8192.
7. New: reserved words interface, overriding, some, synchronized. There are in Ada 2005, 2012 but are not used in SparForte. Reserved for compatibility reasons.
8. Change: containers package was declared in parser_doubly now extracted into separate package.
9. New: vectors (singly linked list) package. new_vector, clear, to_vector, capacity, reserve_capacity, length, set_length, is_empty, append, prepend, first_index, last_index, element [not finished], first_element, last_element, delete_first, delete_last, contains, move, reverse_elements, flip [docs needed] [tests needed]
10. Change: new, faster identifier search function. [pen enums not modified for this]
11. Fix: constants with enumerated values no longer confused with the enumerated value itself. (e.g. b : boolean := true; ? true; will show "true" not "b").
12. Split byte code compiler into a separate file, removing it from the scanner.
13. Change: pragma advise, annotate, blocked, clarify, depreciated/deprecated, dispute, propose, refactor, todo now accept static string expressions instead of a string literal. [negative tests needed]
14. New: System.Design_Phase, System.Development_Phase, System.Maintenance_Phase, System.Testing_Phase, reflecting the command line options.
15. New: policy blocks. static if and static case allowed in policy blocks. [docs needed] [tests needed] [needs to work outside of sparforte_policy]
16. New: policy, configuration are reserved words.
17. Fix (needed): env with AdaScript parameters gives error on semi-colon at end of command.
18. New: Additional command line editing keys: PC keyboard Home (= control-a), End (= control-e), and Del (= new Control-u / ESC x).
19. hash_io (Berkeley DB library added).
20. Fix: Berkeley DB gen_constants script generates dummy values for missing constants.
21. Fix (Terry Droeger): Julian dates finished and working correctly.
22. Fix (Terry Droeger): Argument count (in CGI) calls CGI argument count explicitly.
23. Fix (Terry Droeger): Removed extraneous references to gnat.cgi from two files. This should fix the CGI POST issues, but both CGI libraries should not be installed at the same time as both read from standard input when they elaborate.
24. New (Terry Droeger): OpenGL can be disabled with --without-opengl.
[David B wants shared library]
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