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We invite you to become a community partner of KCD Chennai 2023. As a community partner, you will have the opportunity to engage with developers, users, and ecosystem partners from the Chennai region who use Kubernetes and Cloud Native technologies. In this prospectus, we will provide an overview of the event, the benefits of becoming a community partner, and the onboarding process.

About KCD Chennai 2023 Event

KCD Chennai 2023 is a community-organized, not-for-profit event that gathers adopters and technologists from open source and cloud native communities for education, collaboration, and networking. KCDs are supported by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). These fun, locally-defined events help grow and sustain the Kubernetes and Cloud Native community.

The event will feature Keynote speeches, panel discussions, technical sessions and workshops delivered by leading experts in the field. The event is expected to have 400 to 500 attendees.

For more details, visit our website

Benefits of Becoming a Community Partner

Increased visibility: Partnering with KCD Chennai 2023 event can help raise your profile in the community and increase your visibility among potential customers or clients.

Networking opportunities: As a community partner, you will have access to our network of other partners, attendees, and supporters, which can help you forge valuable business relationships.

Community engagement: Partnering with KCD Chennai 2023 event will allow you to become more involved in the community and make a positive impact.

Marketing opportunities: You will have the opportunity to showcase your community to our supporters and target audience, and potentially gain new community members and followers.

Ticket discount: As a community partner, you will receive discount vouchers on tickets to the event.

Community Partner Responsibilities


  • Promote the event on your community's website, social media handles and other marketing materials.
  • Promote the event through your network and contacts.
  • Promote the event in your meetups, webinars etc.
  • Min. 2 posts from your social media handles (Twitter and LinkedIn). Content of the posts will be shared by KCD Chennai.
  • Min. 2 emails to your community members. Content of the email will be shared by KCD Chennai.
  • Min. 5 retweets/reposts from your social media handles. KCD Chennai will indicate which posts to be retweeted/reposted.
  • Refer min. 3 sponsors for the event.
  • Sell tickets to your community members using discount vouchers.


  • Provide volunteers to assist with the organization and management of the event.
  • Provide feedback and suggestions for improving the event and its content.
  • Help identify potential speakers or presenters for the event.
  • Assist with logistics for the Event, such as providing transportation or accommodation for speakers or attendees.
  • Encourage and facilitate networking opportunities for attendees.
  • Assist with outreach efforts to engage with the local community and media, relevant industry groups, associations, and organizations.
  • Collaborate with the Event organizers to develop and execute promotional campaigns to increase attendance and awareness of the Event.
  • Provide post-event feedback and insights to the Event organizers to improve future events.

Your entitlements

  • 2 Complimentary tickets

  • Tickets at discounted price to your community members

  • Get to promote your community during KCD Chennai 2023 event.

    • Your community logo on the event website
    • Community partner announcement from KCD Chennai social media handles (Twitter & LinkedIn)
    • If you succeed is selling at least 25 tickets,
      • we'll let you place 1 pull-up standee (5 x 2 ft) of your community in the venue (cost to be borne by community partner).
    • If you succeed in securing at least 1 sponsor for KCD Chennai 2023,
      • we'll allot 1 basic booth (3 x 3 m) for your community in the venue at our own cost. The cost of setting up the booth with banners, signage, LED screens etc. to be borne by community partner.
      • we'll allow you to present your community to the attendees in a brief 5 minute talk (1 slide only)
  • KCD Chennai community will promote your annual flagship event within our community members.

    • Min. 2 posts from our social media handles (Twitter and LinkedIn)
    • Min. 2 emails to our community members
    • Min. 5 retweets/reposts from our social media handles

Process for Onboarding

  • Contact us: The first step to becoming a community partner is to reach out to us and express your interest. You can do this by sending an email to
  • Meet with our team: After we receive your email, we will schedule a meeting to discuss your goals and how partnering with KCD Chennai 2023 event can help you achieve them.
  • Begin partnership: After completing the onboarding process, we will officially welcome you as a community partner and work with you to maximize the benefits of our partnership.


We hope this prospectus has provided you with a clear understanding of the responsibilities and benefits of becoming a community partner of KCD Chennai 2023 event. We look forward to work together and create a lasting impact in the community. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to move ahead with becoming a partner. Thank You!