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{:templates {:launch "osascript -e 'tell application \"%s\" to activate'"}
:layers {:hyper-mode {:key :caps_lock :alone {:key :escape}}}
:simlayers {
:launch-mode {:key :slash}
:tmux-winmove-mode {:key :q :condi :Terminals}
:period-mode {:key :period}
:comma-mode {:key :comma}
:space-mode {:key :spacebar :condi :macbook-internal}}
:main [{:des "Hyper Mode - Control"
:rules [:hyper-mode
[:a :!Ta]
[:c :!Tc]
[:d :!Td]
[:z :!Tz]]}
{:des "Hyper Mode - Navigation [VI style]"
:rules [:hyper-mode
[:j :down_arrow]
[:k :up_arrow]
[:h :left_arrow]
[:l :right_arrow]
[:b :!Oleft_arrow]
[:w :!Oright_arrow]
[:u :home]
[:i :end]
[:!Cj :!Sdown_arrow]
[:!Ck :!Sup_arrow]
[:!Ch :!Sleft_arrow]
[:!Cl :!Sright_arrow]
[:!Cb :!SOleft_arrow]
[:!Cw :!SOright_arrow]
[:!Cu :!Shome]
[:!Ci :!Send]
[:!Oj {:mkey {:y 1536}}]
[:!Ok {:mkey {:y -1536}}]
[:!Oh {:mkey {:x -1536}}]
[:!Ol {:mkey {:x 1536}}]]}
{:des "Hyper Mode - Mousekey"
:rules [:hyper-mode
[:down_arrow {:mkey {:y 1536}}]
[:up_arrow {:mkey {:y -1536}}]
[:left_arrow {:mkey {:x -1536}}]
[:right_arrow {:mkey {:x 1536}}]
[:return_or_enter {:pkey :button1}]
[:!Creturn_or_enter {:pkey :button2}]]}
{:des "Hyper Mode - Deletion"
:rules [:hyper-mode
[:n :!Odelete_or_backspace]
[:m :delete_or_backspace]
[:comma :delete_forward]
[:period :!Odelete_forward]
[:!Cn :!Cdelete_or_backspace]
[:!Cm :!Cdelete_or_backspace]
[:!Ccomma :!Cdelete_forward]
[:!Cperiod :!Cdelete_forward]]}
{:des "Hyper Mode - Misc"
:rules [:hyper-mode
[:escape :caps_lock]
[:grave_accent_and_tilde :!CS5]]}
{:des "Space Mode (Change Mac keyboard to Filco Minila layout with spacebar FN)"
:rules [:space-mode
[:##s :left_arrow]
[:##d :down_arrow]
[:##f :right_arrow]
[:##e :up_arrow]
[:##j :insert]
[:##k :home]
[:##l :page_up]
[:##semicolon :delete_or_backspace]
[:##m :delete_forward]
[:##comma :end]
[:##period :page_down]
{:des "Tmux Mode [Q] as Trigger Key"
:rules [:tmux-winmove-mode ;Ta is the prefix for tmux
[:comma [:!Ta :comma]]
[:open_bracket [:!Ta :open_bracket]]
[:close_bracket [:!Ta :close_bracket]]
[:hyphen [:!Ta :hyphen]]
[:backslash [:!Ta :backslash]]
[:f [:!Ta :f]]
[:e [:!Ta :e]]
[:w [:!Ta :w]]
[:h [:!Ta :h]]
[:j [:!Ta :j]]
[:k [:!Ta :k]]
[:l [:!Ta :l]]
[:v [:!Ta :v]]
[:s [:!Ta :s]]
[:m [:!Ta :z]]
[:x [:!Ta :x]]
[:c [:!Ta :c]]
[:1 [:!Ta :1]]
[:2 [:!Ta :2]]
[:3 [:!Ta :3]]
[:4 [:!Ta :4]]
[:5 [:!Ta :5]]]}
{:des "Comma Mode [,] as Trigger Key"
:rules [:comma-mode
[:a :open_bracket]
[:s :close_bracket]
[:d :!S7]
[:f :!S8]
[:q :!Shyphen]
[:w :!Sequal_sign]
[:e :!S5]
[:r :!S6]]}
{:des "Period Mode [.] as Trigger Key"
:rules [:period-mode
[:comma ["period-comma-mode" 1] nil {:alone :comma :afterup ["period-comma-mode" 0]}]
[:a [:!Sgrave_accent_and_tilde :slash]]
[:s [:period :!S8]]
[:d :!S9]
[:f :!S0]
[:q :hyphen]
[:w :equal_sign]
[:e :!Sopen_bracket]
[:r :!Sclose_bracket]]}
{:des "Launcher Mode [L] as Trigger Key"
:rules [:launch-mode
[:t [:launch "Telegram"]]
[:s [:launch "Safari"]]
[:m [:launch ""]]]}
;; {:des "HHKB, FILCO MINILA Change left control to esc if alone"
;; :rules [[:##left_control :left_control [:hhkb-bt :hhkb :hhkb-tmk :filco-minila] {:alone :escape}]]}
{:des "Shift Press Alone to change input source"
:rules [[:right_shift :right_shift nil {:alone :!Tspacebar}]
[:left_shift :left_shift nil {:alone :!Tspacebar}]]}
{:des "Change right_command to command-tab when used alone"
:rules [[:right_command :right_command nil {:alone [:!Ctab]}]]}
{:des "Change right_option to 4 modifiers combination, f17 when used alone"
:rules [[:right_option :!COTleft_shift nil {:alone [:f17]}]]}
{:des "Quit application by pressing command-q twice"
:rules [[:!C#Pq [:!Cq ["command-q" 0]] ["command-q" 1]]
[:!C#Pq ["command-q" 1] nil {:delayed {:invoked ["command-q" 0] :canceled ["commandq" 0]}}]]}]
; the default value is 250
:simlayer-threshold 500
:devices {:macbook-internal [{:product_id 610 :vendor_id 1452}]
:filco-minila [{:product_id 34050 :vendor_id 2652}]
:hhkb-tmk [{:vendor_id 65261 :product_id 51966}]
:hhkb-bt [{:vendor_id 1278 :product_id 514}]
:hhkb [{:vendor_id 2131 :product_id 256}]}
:applications {:Terminals ["^com\\.apple\\.Terminal$"
:input-sources {:sogou {:input_mode_id "com.sogou.inputmethod.pinyin"
:input_source_id "com.sogou.inputmethod.sogou.pinyin"
:language "zh-Hans"}
:us {:input_mode_id ""
:input_source_id ""
:language "en"}}}