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Version 1.12, 2008-09-02
- Added support for XMP metadata.
- Fix reading files with xref streams with multiple /Index values.
- Fix extracting content streams that use graphics operators longer than 2
characters. Affects merging PDF files.
Version 1.11, 2008-05-09
- Patch from Hartmut Goebel to permit RectangleObjects to accept NumberObject
or FloatObject values.
- PDF compatibility fixes.
- Fix to read object xref stream in correct order.
- Fix for comments inside content streams.
Version 1.10, 2007-10-04
- Text strings from PDF files are returned as Unicode string objects when
pyPdf determines that they can be decoded (as UTF-16 strings, or as
PDFDocEncoding strings). Unicode objects are also written out when
necessary. This means that string objects in pyPdf can be either
generic.ByteStringObject instances, or generic.TextStringObject instances.
- The extractText method now returns a unicode string object.
- All document information properties now return unicode string objects. In
the event that a document provides docinfo properties that are not decoded by
pyPdf, the raw byte strings can be accessed with an "_raw" property (ie.
title_raw rather than title)
- generic.DictionaryObject instances have been enhanced to be easier to use.
Values coming out of dictionary objects will automatically be de-referenced
(.getObject will be called on them), unless accessed by the new "raw_get"
method. DictionaryObjects can now only contain PdfObject instances (as keys
and values), making it easier to debug where non-PdfObject values (which
cannot be written out) are entering dictionaries.
- Support for reading named destinations and outlines in PDF files. Original
patch by Ashish Kulkarni.
- Stream compatibility reading enhancements for malformed PDF files.
- Cross reference table reading enhancements for malformed PDF files.
- Encryption documentation.
- Replace some "assert" statements with error raising.
- Minor optimizations to FlateDecode algorithm increase speed when using PNG
Version 1.9, 2006-12-15
- Fix several serious bugs introduced in version 1.8, caused by a failure to
run through our PDF test suite before releasing that version.
- Fix bug in NullObject reading and writing.
Version 1.8, 2006-12-14
- Add support for decryption with the standard PDF security handler. This
allows for decrypting PDF files given the proper user or owner password.
- Add support for encryption with the standard PDF security handler.
- Add new pythondoc documentation.
- Fix bug in ASCII85 decode that occurs when whitespace exists inside the
two terminating characters of the stream.
Version 1.7, 2006-12-10
- Fix a bug when using a single page object in two PdfFileWriter objects.
- Adjust PyPDF to be tolerant of whitespace characters that don't belong
during a stream object.
- Add documentInfo property to PdfFileReader.
- Add numPages property to PdfFileReader.
- Add pages property to PdfFileReader.
- Add extractText function to PdfFileReader.
Version 1.6, 2006-06-06
- Add basic support for comments in PDF files. This allows us to read some
ReportLab PDFs that could not be read before.
- Add "auto-repair" for finding xref table at slightly bad locations.
- New StreamObject backend, cleaner and more powerful. Allows the use of
stream filters more easily, including compressed streams.
- Add a graphics state push/pop around page merges. Improves quality of
page merges when one page's content stream leaves the graphics
in an abnormal state.
- Add PageObject.compressContentStreams function, which filters all content
streams and compresses them. This will reduce the size of PDF pages,
especially after they could have been decompressed in a mergePage
- Support inline images in PDF content streams.
- Add support for using .NET framework compression when zlib is not
available. This does not make pyPdf compatible with IronPython, but it
is a first step.
- Add support for reading the document information dictionary, and extracting
title, author, subject, producer and creator tags.
- Add patch to support NullObject and multiple xref streams, from Bradley
Version 1.5, 2006-01-28
- Fix a bug where merging pages did not work in "no-rename" cases when the
second page has an array of content streams.
- Remove some debugging output that should not have been present.
Version 1.4, 2006-01-27
- Add capability to merge pages from multiple PDF files into a single page
using the PageObject.mergePage function. See example code (README or web
site) for more information.
- Add ability to modify a page's MediaBox, CropBox, BleedBox, TrimBox, and
ArtBox properties through PageObject. See example code (README or web site)
for more information.
- Refactor into multiple files: (contains objects like
NameObject, DictionaryObject), (contains filter code), (various). This does not affect importing PdfFileReader
or PdfFileWriter.
- Add new decoding functions for standard PDF filters ASCIIHexDecode and
- Change url and download_url to refer to new web site.
Version 1.3, 2006-01-23
- Fix new bug introduced in 1.2 where PDF files with \r line endings did not
work properly anymore. A new test suite developed with various PDF files
should prevent regression bugs from now on.
- Fix a bug where inheriting attributes from page nodes did not work.
Version 1.2, 2006-01-23
- Improved support for files with CRLF-based line endings, fixing a common
reported problem stating "assertion error: assert line == "%%EOF"".
- Software author/maintainer is now officially a proud married person, which
is sure to result in better software... somehow.
Version 1.1, 2006-01-18
- Add capability to rotate pages.
- Improved PDF reading support to properly manage inherited attributes from
/Type=/Pages nodes. This means that page groups that are rotated or have
different media boxes or whatever will now work properly.
- Added PDF 1.5 support. Namely cross-reference streams and object streams.
This release can mangle Adobe's PDFReference16.pdf successfully.
Version 1.0, 2006-01-17
- First distutils-capable true public release. Supports a wide variety of PDF
files that I found sitting around on my system.
- Does not support some PDF 1.5 features, such as object streams,
cross-reference streams.
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