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Wt, C++ Web Toolkit
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Latest commit 09b2ba1 Koen Deforche Several changes:
    - Fix #4509: Deleting empty layout segfault
    - Fix eraseWord() to more accurately erase the word (see boards/1/topics/11534)
    - Fix #4510 JavaScript error in WCartesianChart
    - Fix dialog showing a form widget not having validation feed-back
    - Fix default location for config files (#4515)
    - Fixed code that would cause user-after-free

What is Wt ?

Wt is a C++ library for developing web applications. It consists of:

  • libwt, a widget/rendering library
  • libwthttp, an (async I/O) HTTP/WebSockets server
  • libwtfcgi, a FastCGI connector library (Unix)
  • libwtisapi, an ISAPI connector library (Windows)
  • libwttest, a test connector environment

It also contains a C++ ORM, which can be used in a web application (obviously), but can also be used on its own:

  • libwtdbo, a C++ ORM
  • libwtdbopostgres, PostgreSQL backend
  • libwtdbosqlite3, Sqlite3 backend
  • libwtdbofirebird, Firebird backend

For more information, see the homepage.


To build Wt from source you will need at least CMake (>= 2.4), and boost (version >= 1.41).

Optionally, you may want to add:

  • OpenSSL for SSL and WebSockets support in the built-in httpd, the HTTP(S) client, and additional cryptographic hashes in the authentication module
  • Haru PDF library which is used for painting to PDF
  • GraphicsMagick which is used for painting to PNG, GIF
  • PostgreSQL for a PostgreSQL backend
  • Firebird for a Firebird backend
  • Pango for improved font support in PDF and raster image painting
  • ZLib for compression in the built-in httpd.

For the FastCGI connector, you also need:


Generic instructions for Unix-like platforms or Windows platforms.

Bug Reporting

Bugs can be reported here

Demos, examples

The homepage, itself a Wt application, contains also various examples.

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