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Running the examples

The examples that come with the library will by default be linked against the built-in httpd. In any case, we recommend this way of exploring the examples and trying them out, even you'll end up deploying using FastCGI or ISAPI.

You typically need the following commands to run an example (foobar):

cd foobar # source directory for example foobar
ln -s ../../resources . # include standard Wt resource files
../../build/examples/foobar/foobar.wt --docroot . --http-address --http-port 8080

By running the examples from within their source directory, in this way the examples will find the auxiliary files in the expected places.

Some examples may need additional command line arguments, which are detailed in the for each example.

Some examples need third-party JavaScript libraries (ExtJS or TinyMCE).

You will notice 404 File not Found errors for ext/ or resources/tiny_mce/ if you are missing these JavaScript libraries.

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