Really implement XKCD joke. #10

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kdeldycke commented Oct 4, 2016 edited

For the lolz, let's implement XKCD 1654:
XKCD #1654

Needs support for much more managers and platforms to be the exact implementation of the joke. So far:

  • pip - Done: ec4f555
  • easy_install - unlikely to be implemented
  • brew - Done: 170ce94
  • npm - Done: e0c8cfd
  • yum
  • dnf
  • docker - unlikely to be implemented
  • apt
  • steamcmd
  • git clone + ./configure; make; make install - unlikely to be implemented
  • curl | bash - unlikely to be implemented

In the mean time, could be partially implemented with all managers available.

Could be featured as an --xkcd-priority option to mpm install subcommand (see #21).

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