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Amiga Stuff: Code & Tools for Amigas

Amiga Test Kit

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Download the latest release of Amiga Test Kit here (Github).

Build From Source (Docker)

A Docker image has kindly been supplied (Docker Hub). You can run it as follows to generate the latest Amiga Test Kit zip file in your current directory:

docker run -v $(pwd):/output --rm -ti rjnorthrow/atk:latest

COMMIT, MAKE_OPTS and atk version (v1.7, v1.10, latest) may be set in the environment to build a particular version of Amiga Test Kit, and to specify extra build parameters:

docker run -e COMMIT=testkit-v1.3 -e MAKE_OPTS=-j4 -v $(pwd):/output --rm -ti rjnorthrow/atk:v1.7

For versions up to 1.7, use rjnorthrow/atk:v1.7. For versions 1.8 up to 1.10, use rjnorthrow/atk:v1.10.

Build From Source (Manual Method)

Requires a GCC cross-compiler toolchain targetting m68k-unknown-elf. I recommend binutils-2.28 and gcc-7.1.0, built with the following configuration lines on a Linux host or VM (note these are not exhaustive toolchain build instructions!):

../binutils-2.28/configure --prefix=/path/to/install --target=m68k-unknown-elf
../gcc-7.1.0/configure --prefix=/path/to/install --target=m68k-unknown-elf --enable-languages=c --disable-libssp

Note that /path/to/install/bin must be on your PATH both when building and using the cross compiler. For example:

mkdir -p $HOME/cross/bin
export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/cross/bin
... --prefix=$HOME/cross ...

The build also depends on Google's Zopfli (a gzip replacement). This can be installed in Ubuntu Linux as follows:

sudo apt install zopfli

To build Amiga Test Kit: make testkit. The ADF and distribution ZIP file are now in the testkit/ folder.


This is a selection of code that I will add to over time. There are three main file types, distinguished by suffix:

  • .S CPP + GAS assembler syntax (for cross-dev environments)
  • .asm Amiga native asm syntax (Devpac, AsmOne, PhxAss, vasm, Barfly, ...)
  • .c Somewhat-portable C (I will gladly take patches to make the C code work outside a GCC/POSIX environment).

All code is public domain (see the COPYING file).

File Descriptions

For detailed build and usage instructions, see file header comments and run-time help info.

  • base/ GNU build rules, initialisation code, utility code and headers.

  • testkit/ Amiga Test Kit, built as a Workbench/CLI executable and as a bootable disk image.

  • host_tools/kickconv Convert Kickstart ROM images: byte-swap, word-split, decrypt, fix checksums. Especially useful for creating images for burning to EPROM.

  • attic/crc16_ccitt.S Table-driven CRC16-CCITT implementation.

  • inflate/degzip_{gnu,portable}.c Analyse gzip files, extract and write out their raw Deflate streams (can then be processed by inflate, see below). Original version for GNU/Linux, and portable version fixed by phx / EAB.

  • inflate/inflate.{S,asm} Small and efficient implementation of Inflate, as specified in RFC 1951 "DEFLATE Compressed Data Format Specification".