[WIP] Non-HTTP RESTful APIs for Python Applications.
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Resources for Python

RESTful != HTTP.

Work in progress.

This is a framework for bringing RESTful Resources to your Python applications. It can be used in a few ways:

  • To add a RESTful interface to your existing codebase.
  • To power the backbone of your entire application.


  • Simple API — makes no assumptions
  • Event/Signaling System
  • 'hyperlink' support (Resource references)
  • Custom Verb Support (HTTP verbs out of the box)
  • Content Negotiation



from resources import Interface

api = Interface()

class Bookmarks(object):
    """Haystack's Bookmarks Resource."""

    __bookmarks = {}

    def element_get(self, ri):
        return self.__bookmarks.get(ri)

    ... # json content, element/collection put, &c

Now we have an API w/ a single resource: bookmarks. We can access it like so:

>>> api.bookmarks
<collection 'bookmarks'>

>>> api.bookmarks['00001']
<element <bookmarks:00001>

>>> api.bookmarks['00001'].get()
<bookmark 000001>

>>> api.bookmarks['00001'].content('json').get()
'{"bookmark": {"id": "00001"}}'


  • Build a set of web framework plugins for serving Resources via HTTP (e.g. flask-resources, django-resources).
  • Build a Resources-Client module for consuming RESTful web APIs (powered by Requests).