Simple command-line exe that performs an HTTP GET to a list of web sites to force the JIT compilation to eliminate the typical ASP.NET first-hit delay.
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ASP.NET Site Warmup

Simple app that reads an xml file of sites to perform HTTP GETs on, to force the JIT compilation of ASP.NET sites to 
remove the first-hit delay often associated with ASP.NET web sites.

Credentials can be specified in the xml but be warned it is plain text.

*You may also run the exe with any normal help trigger (/h or /? or -? or etc..) for more information.

    ASPNET_SiteWarmup.exe <location>\<filename>
      Example:  ASPNET_SiteWarmup.exe c:\sites.xml
      Note:  If no credentials are necessary, simply remove the Credentials node

  XML File Layout:
  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <Comment>my comments about this site</Comment>
        <Credentials Domain="xxx" User="yyy" Pass="123" />