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;; -*- mode: Lisp; Syntax: Common-Lisp; Package: utils-kt; -*-
Copyright (C) 1995, 2006 by Kenneth Tilton
This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License
(, known as the LLGPL.
This library is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even
See the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License for more details.
(in-package :utils-kt)
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(export '(eval-now! export! assocd rassoca class-proto brk eo subseq-ex)))
(defun subseq-ex (seq start end)
(subseq seq start (min end (length seq))))
(defmacro wdbg (&body body)
`(let ((*dbg* t))
(defun assocd (x y) (cdr (assoc x y)))
(defun rassoca (x y) (car (assoc x y)))
(defmacro eo (x y)
`(if (zerop (random 2)) ,x ,y))
(defun class-proto (c)
(let ((cc (find-class c)))
;; all this was conditional on c being found, but if it isn't the find-class errors as coded so
;; let's take out the meaningless condition and see what happens
(finalize-inheritance cc)
#-sbcl(mop::class-prototype cc)
#+sbcl(sb-mop:class-prototype cc)))
(defun brk (&rest args)
#+its-alive! (apply 'error args)
#-its-alive! (progn
;;(setf *ctk-dbg* t)
(apply 'break args)))
(defun find-after (x l)
(bif (xm (member x l))
(cadr xm)
(brk "find-after ~a not member of ~a" x l)))
(defun find-before (x l)
(loop with prior = nil
for i in l
if (eql i x)
return prior
else do (setf prior i)
finally (brk "find-before ~a not member of ~a" x l)))
(defun list-insert-after (list after new )
(assert (member after list)()"list-insert-after> after arg ~a not a member of list ~a" after list)
(let* ((new-list (copy-list list))
(m (member after new-list)))
(assert m)
(rplacd m (cons new (cdr m)))
#+(and mcl (not openmcl-partial-mop))
(defun class-slots (c)
(nconc (copy-list (class-class-slots c))
(copy-list (class-instance-slots c))))
#-(or lispworks mcl)
(defun true (it) (declare (ignore it)) t)
(defun false (it) (declare (ignore it))))
(defun xor (c1 c2)
(if c1 (not c2) c2))
(export! collect collect-if find-after find-before list-insert-after)
(defun collect (x list &key (key 'identity) (test 'eql))
(loop for i in list
when (funcall test x (funcall key i))
collect i))
(defun collect-if (test list)
(remove-if-not test list))
;;; --- FIFO Queue -----------------------------
(defun make-fifo-queue (&rest init-data)
(let ((q (cons nil nil)))
(prog1 q
(loop for id in init-data
do (fifo-add q id)))))
(deftype fifo-queue () 'cons)
(defun fifo-data (q) (car q))
(defun fifo-clear (q) (rplaca q nil))
(defun fifo-empty (q) (not (fifo-data q)))
(defun fifo-length (q) (length (fifo-data q)))
(defun fifo-peek (q) (car (fifo-data q)))
(defun fifo-browse (q fn)
(map nil fn (fifo-data q)))
(defun fifo-add (q new)
(if (car q)
(let ((last (cdr q))
(newlast (list new)))
(rplacd last newlast)
(rplacd q newlast))
(let ((newlist (list new)))
(rplaca q newlist)
(rplacd q newlist))))
(defun fifo-delete (q dead)
(let ((c (member dead (fifo-data q))))
(assert c)
(rplaca q (delete dead (fifo-data q)))
(when (eq c (cdr q))
(rplacd q (last (fifo-data q))))))
(defun fifo-pop (q)
(unless (fifo-empty q)
(fifo-peek q)
(rplaca q (cdar q)))))
(defun fifo-map (q fn)
(loop until (fifo-empty q)
do (funcall fn (fifo-pop q))))
(defmacro with-fifo-map ((pop-var q) &body body)
(let ((qc (gensym)))
`(loop with ,qc = ,q
while (not (fifo-empty ,qc))
do (let ((,pop-var (fifo-pop ,qc)))
(let ((*print-circle* t))
(let ((q (make-fifo-queue)))
(loop for n below 3
do (fifo-add q n))
(fifo-delete q 1)
(loop until (fifo-empty q)
do (print (fifo-pop q)))))
(defun line-count (path &optional show-files (max-depth most-positive-fixnum) no-semis (depth 0))
((excl:file-directory-p path)
(if (>= depth max-depth)
(format t "~&~v,8t~a dir too deep:" depth (pathname-directory path))
(when show-files
(format t "~&~v,8t~a counts:" depth (pathname-directory path)))
(let ((directory-lines
(loop for file in (directory path :directories-are-files nil)
for lines = (line-count file show-files max-depth no-semis (1+ depth))
when (and show-files (plusp lines))
do (bwhen (fname (pathname-name file))
(format t "~&~v,8t~a ~,40t~d" (1+ depth) fname lines))
summing lines)))
(unless (zerop directory-lines)
(format t "~&~v,8t~a ~,50t~d" depth (pathname-directory path) directory-lines))
((find (pathname-type path) '("cl" "lisp" "c" "h" "java")
:test 'string-equal)
(source-line-count path no-semis))
(t 0)))
(defun source-line-count (path no-semis)
(with-open-file (s path)
(loop with block-rem = 0
for line = (read-line s nil nil)
for trim = (when line (string-trim '(#\space #\tab) line))
while line
when (> (length trim) 1)
do (cond
((string= "#|" (subseq trim 0 2))(incf block-rem))
((string= "|#" (subseq trim 0 2))(decf block-rem)))
unless (or (string= trim "")
(and no-semis (or (plusp block-rem)
(char= #\; (schar trim 0)))))
count 1)))
(line-count (make-pathname
:device "c"
:directory `(:absolute "0algcount" ))
nil 5 t)
(loop for d1 in '("cl-s3" "kpax" "puri-1.5.1" "s-base64" "s-http-client" "s-http-server" "s-sysdeps" "s-utils" "s-xml")
summing (line-count (make-pathname
:device "c"
:directory `(:absolute "0Algebra" "1-devtools" ,d1))))
(export! tree-includes tree-traverse tree-intersect)
(defun tree-includes (sought tree &key (test 'eql))
(typecase tree
(atom (funcall test sought tree))
(cons (or (tree-includes sought (car tree) :test test)
(tree-includes sought (cdr tree) :test test)))))
(defun tree-traverse (tree fn)
(typecase tree
(atom (funcall fn tree))
(cons (tree-traverse (car tree) fn)
(tree-traverse (cdr tree) fn)))
(defun tree-intersect (t1 t2 &key (test 'eql))
(tree-traverse t1
(lambda (t1-node)
(when (tree-includes t1-node t2 :test test)
(return-from tree-intersect t1-node)))))
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